Super: Two

We open on Mike and Kevin practicing their Spin Sword skills.
Mike slashes through a watermelon and sends it to the ground in two halves!

Kevin, not to be upstaged, sends a coconut into the air and slashes it into two!

In the background, Emily works on her Symbol Power

She doesn’t remember just how real her Symbols can become as she sends a giant boulder rolling towards Mike and Kevin!
They attempt to block it with their swords but it doesn’t help!

Emily apologizes and Mikes simply wishes their Spin Swords were strong enough to slash through rock, like Deker’s sword.
Kevin reminds him its lucky they haven’t faced such an enemy!

Meanwhile, bouncing around the Sanzu River comes a new Nighlok who seems a bit afraid of Master X

Xandred admits that he doesn’t recognize this Nighlok

He introduces himself as Armadevil, the wearer of the impenetrable shell!
Xandred orders him to stop groveling and head to the surface to cause misery!

Antonio makes his way to the docks where he prepares to have a relaxing day of music and fishing!

However, he leans the wrong way and his Samurai Morpher falls to the ground without him hearing!

Spike walks by and finds what the thinks is just a phone

 Bulk decides its their Samurai duty to find the true owner of the phone and the two head out to find him!

Out on the town shopping, we join Mia and Jayden.
Jayden takes a look at what Mia has bought…..

In her bag is Oysters, Chocolate Sauce & Brussel Sprouts which she assures him will taste great once combined!
Jayden remembers to tell the paramedics that later….

Back at Samurai headquarters Emily, Mike and Kevin start with sword practice against each other and the dummies.

Suddenly the gap sensor alarm sounds, it’s a Nighlok near the stadium!

Mentor calls Mia and Jayden who head out, but he cannot reach Antonio!

Spike hears the Morpher ring and freaks out, Bulk reminds him it’s probably the owner trying to find it!

Bulk answers the Morpher and hears what Mentor has to say about the current Nighlok attack at the stadium!

Thinking the owner will meet some friends at the stadium, Bulk and Spike head there.
Meanwhile, Antonio has no idea whats going on!

Armadevil attacks the city and its inhabitants

Mia confronts him but he is really annoyed that they even speak to him!
They’ve had enough of talking and being to slash at him with their swords!

 Pink and Red strike but Armadevil curls into a ball and they swords barely graze his armor!

The two begin to attack further but get bested by Armadevil’s attacks!

The Rangers soon discover that nothing can penetrate his shell, it’s too hard!

The others arrive a little late but decide to strike at Armadevil quickly!

Kevin tries his Hydro Bow, but nothing!

Mike tries his Forest Spear and it bounces off!

Emily’s Earth Slicer is deflected!

Bulk and Spike arrive on the scene and distracted Armadevil turns and gives them a demonic scream!
Jayden orders Mike and Emily to protect them and they head off chasing after them.

Armadevil takes his chance and bounces in ball form all over the Rangers!

Luckily, the Rangers took a bite out of him and Armadevil heads back to the Sanzu River to rehydrate!

Back at headquarters the  Rangers muse on how not one of their attacks could break his shell

Kevin has an idea! They just need to attack with the right Ranger in the right order!
They need to beat him as a team!

Speaking of team, Emily thinks, where is Antonio?

On the Sanzu River, Armadevil hydrates himself and Octoroo admits just how tough he is!

Xandred orders him back to work and he complies!

Meanwhile with Bulk and Spike, the phone begins to ring again but they have a hard time finding it!

Mentor continues to call and leave messages but there is no answer.
Emily defends him saying he might be in real trouble.

Suddenly, the gap sensor sounds again!

Its time to put the plan into action!

Meanwhile, the city is again under attack and Antonio doesn’t notice.

The Rangers confront Armadevil again but this time ready with a plan!
He charges at them!

Mike and Emily are in charge of Phase 1, using his speed against him!
They prepare their symbol power!

Their symbols together create a barricade!

Armadevil crashes into the barricade and is out for a moment!

Mia and Jayden prepare for Phase 2

Mia’s wind power fans Jayden’s fire and makes it stronger that super heats up Armadevil’s shell!

Kevin draws a large symbol for Tidal Wave and sends Phase 3 into Armadevil’s shell!

Their plan worked as planned, first they weakened the shell, then super heated it and cooled it quickly with water!
This made the shell crack!

Its time for his defeat, the Rangers begin their attack!

However, he is still massively powerful and his beams of energy send the Rangers into a flurry!

Kevin says he has a plan to sneak up on Armadevil’s shell, but he needs Emily’s help.
They may only have one chance to complete this!

 Jayden offers Kevin the Black Box, Super Samurai mode may give him the power he needs for his plan!

Mia and Mike keep Armadevil occupied and grab both sides of his arms!

Step one, Emily uses the Symbol for Hole and creates a deep hole for Kevin to jump into

Kevin jumps into the hole and uses the Black Box to become the Super Blue Samurai Ranger!

Kevin jumps out of the hole and Super strikes at Armadevil’s shell!

Kevin handles the bouncing Armadevil and attacks with his Super Samurai skills!

Kevin attached the Dragon Disk to the Black Box and uses his Super Spin Sword Slash!

Then just like that Armadevil’s first form is destroyed!

But they know its time for the  Mega Monster and the Rangers call upon the Samurai Megazord

Kevin arrives in the cockpit of the Dragon Folding Zord with his new Super Mega armor!

Taking the lead, Kevin writes the symbol to combine the Zords

Kevin connects the Black Box to his Mega Blade and readies to the team for a Samurai Strike!

The Samurai Megazord uses its strike power, but its Katana power was not match for Armadevil’s re-powered shell!

Armadevil uses his bounce to slam into the Megazord!

Kevin knows what they need to do,  a shell shocking combo!

Mike calls forth the Beetle Zord which combined with the Samurai Megazord!
The Beetle Blaster Megazord fired a fiery attack towards Armadevil’s shell!

Kevin calls forth the Swordfish Zord which combined with the Samurai Megazord!
The Swordfish Fencer Megazord fired a watery attack towards Armadevil’s shell!

Jayden calls for the Tiger Zord which combines with the Samurai Megazord!
The Tiger Drill Megazord uses its drills to weaken the shell even further!

Its still not enough, Kevin needs to up the power and with the Union Disk calls upon Antonio’s Zords!

With the Claw Armor Megazord ready, the Rangers use the Double Katana Strike but its still not enough!

Super Samurai Artillery is called out and the Samurai Battle Cannon uses it’s blast!

Victory finally belongs to Samurai Rangers as Armadevil is defeated!

Bulk and Spike continue to find the owner of the cell phone but decide to give up and drop it just where they found it

Mike and Emily walk on the docks and find Antonio, but first they notice that his Morpher is just lying on the ground!

They shake some sense into him and show him his lost Morpher!

He checks his phone, 34 missed calls!
Suddenly he’s very interested in what happened!

They decide to leave him hanging as he chases after them!

Master Xandred is very angry at all his weak minions!

These new Super Samurai powers could become a big headache!

and this brings this chapter to a close!