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Shiba Clan

Mentor Ji

Mentor Ji
Played By: Rene Naufahu
Ji serves the Shiba Clan as mentor to the Samurai Rangers. He is also responsible for raising Jayden, the Red Samurai Ranger after his father sacrificed himself sealing Master Xandred.


Played By: Grant McFarland
Daisuke is the Elder Guardian of The Tengen Gate as well as the guardian of The Black Box.

Jayden's Father 

Jayden’s Father
Played By: Steven A. Davis
 Jayden’s Father was the 17th Head Of The Shiba Clan that fought the Nighlok and trapped them in the Netherworld when Jayden was a young child.

Kevin's Father

Kevin’s Father
Played By: Steven Smith
Kevin’s Father informs Kevin that he must join the other Samurai Ranger as the Blue Samurai Ranger.


Played By: Jacinda Stevens
Serena is Emily’s older sister who was supposed to become the Yellow Samurai Ranger. After falling ill, Emily took her place.


Played By: Brook Alexander
Cody comes from a family who have guarded the Bull Zord for three hundred years. Cody is the one responsible for releasing the Bull Zord which eventually lead the Samurai Rangers to add the Bull Zord to their arsenal.

Cody's Father

Cody’s Father
Played By: Aaron Ward
Cody’s Father comes from a family who have guarded the Bull Zord for three hundred years. After the Samurai Rangers return Cody to his possession, he informs the Samurai Rangers about The Grand Shogun.

Grand Shogun

Grand Shogun
Voiced By: Jim McLarty
The Grand Shogun was a Red Samurai Ranger who was responsible for the creation and imprisonment of the Bull Zord.

Terry Watanabe

Terry Watanabe
Played By: Jaever Santos
Terry is Mia’s younger brother who dropped out of med school to join a band.

Panorama City Residents

Bulk & Spike

Bulk & Spike
Played By: Paul Schrier & Felix Ryan
Bulk & Spike’s main goal throughout the series is to train and become Samurai’s.

Eugene Skullovitch

Eugene “Skull” Skullovitch
Played By: Jason Narvy
Skull comes to pick up his son Spike from Bulk’s care after he finishes his Samurai training.

Ranger Series Operators

 Scott Truman

Scott Truman
Voiced By: Tobias Reiss
Scott follows Professor Cog to the Samurai Rangers Dimension to prevent him from transporting Sanzu River Water to his dimension.