Mentor Ji
(Rene Naufahu)
The All Knowing Mentor trains and tutors the Samurai Rangers and has cared for Jayden since he was a boy. He keeps the secret of the Shiba Family with Jayden from the other Rangers.

Farkus “Bulk” Bulkmeier
(Paul Schrier)
Well-meaning, but a bit of a dolt, Bulk has big delusions of grandeur that don’t often translate to real life. Fancying himself a Samurai, Bulk is determined to shape Spike, the son of his lifelong best friend Skull, into a true Samurai warrior like himself. Ending in comical disaster, as Bulk has no idea what he’s doing, and in the face of danger he often runs in the other direction.

Spike Skullovich
(Felix Ryan)
The hapless son of Skull has inherited his father’s clumsy tendencies and his snorting laughter, but that doesn’t stop him in his earnest quest to become a Samurai. Though he tries to have courage, Spike is ill-prepared for the dangers that come with being a Samurai and is essentially just a clumsy civilian with a serious crush on the Pink Ranger.

Matthew & Reece
(Leand Mcadaan & Chris Campbell)
Friends of Mike who join him to play Video Games in episode 1 and therefore become endangered when the Nighlok attack.
They wonder where Mike had gone after Graduation when he became a Samurai Ranger, he knew he had to stay away from them to protect them.

(Jacinda Stevens)
Emily’s sister Serena was to be the Yellow Samurai Ranger but when she became ill, her child sister Emily had to take her place. She passed down to her the Samurai powers.  Emily would fondly remember her gentle flute playing when she was feeling down.

Kevin’s Father
(Steven Smith)
Kevin’s Dad reveals to Kevin that he is destined to be the Blue Samurai and join the Power Rangers. He passed on the Samurai Powers to his son with the aid of the Dragon Folding Zord.

Jayden’s Father
(Steven A. Davis)

The elder Shiba who failed to seal Master Xandred permanently to the Netherworld. He passed down the Lion folding Zord to Jayden before he died to become the next Red Ranger.

(Grant Mcfarland)
Daisuke is the Elder Guardian of the Tengen Gate and holds watch over the most powerful Samurai weapon, the Black Box.

Scott Truman, RPM Series Operator Red
Voiced by: Tobias Reiss
When an old general comes into the Samurai Universe, the Red Ranger crosses dimensions to assist the Samurai Rangers

(Brooks Alexander)
Cody was a young boy who was a member of the family who guarded the Bull Zord for 300 Years. He believed the Bull Zord was inherently good as he was able to talk to him he contacted the Samurai Rangers in order to attain their help in freeing him! In the end, he used his own symbol power to free the Zord and add him to the Samurai arsenal.

Cody’s Father
(Aaron Ward)
Cody’s Father is also a member of the family who guarded the Bull Zord for 300 Years. He believes that the Bull Zord is too powerful and destructive to be released and looks down on his son’s attempts to free him. He does however, teach the Rangers about the Grand Shogun.

The Grand Shogun
An ancient warrior of the Ancestors who appears before Cody and Jayden inside the Bull Zord.
He grants Jayden the Shogun Mode powers.

(Jaever Santos)
Mia’s Brother Terry comes to town to ask her to sing in his band for a charity concert, at first she discourages him and reminds him their parents want him to be a doctor. But, she finally realizes he can do both!