Kevin, Blue Samurai Ranger

Samurai Blue

Name: Kevin
Ranger: Blue Samurai Ranger
Actor: Najee De-Tiege
Episodes: 43
First Appearance: “Origins: Part 1″
Last Appearance: “Stuck On Christmas
Sentai: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Producer: Saban & Nickelodeon


Character Bio

Kevin comes from a long line of Samurai who serve the Shiba Clan that battled creatures known as Nighlok centuries ago in ancient Japan. At the start of the series, Kevin is training for the Olympics as a swimmer but when the Nighlok awake from their slumber, Kevin puts his aspirations on hold and dons the title of Blue Samurai Ranger. Kevin has a no nonsense kind of personality and take his training  as a Samurai Ranger very seriously. He often clashes with Mike, the Green Samurai Ranger due to their clashing personality traits. When Kevin and the rest of the Samurai Rangers defeat Master Xandred, Kevin goes back to training as a swimmer for the 2016 Olympics.


Dragon Folding Zord

Dragon Folding Zord
The Dragon Folding Zord is the personal zord of the Blue Samurai Ranger. The Dragon Folding Zord can combine with the other Folding Zords and forms the left leg of the Samurai Megazord.

Swordfish Zord

Swordfish Zord
Kevin caught the Swordfish Zord in a Disk after his teammates were poisoned by a Nighlok. The Swordfish Zord can combine with the Samurai Megazord to form the Swordfish Fencer Megazord.


Hydro Bow

Hydro Bow
Dragon Splash
The Hydro Bow is the personal weapon of the Blue Samurai Ranger.

Blue Spin Sword

Spin Sword
The Spin Sword is the standard weapon for each Samurai Ranger.


Samurai Mega Mode Blue

Mega Mode
Kevin gains this form while piloting his Dragon Folding Zord.

Super Samurai Blue

Super Samurai Mode
Kevin gains this form when harnessing the powers of the Black Box.

Super Samurai Mega Mode Blue

Super Samurai Mega Mode
Kevin gains this form while in both Super Samurai Mode & Mega Mode.

  Blue Shogun Ranger

Shogun Mode
Kevin can assume this form when harnessing the powers of the Shogun Buckle.

Dragon Costume

 Dragon Costume
Kevin wore this Dragon Costume while in Trickster’s Movie Dimension.