Name: Lauren Shiba
Ranger: Samurai Red
Actor: Kimberley Crossman
Episodes: 5
First Episode: “Fight Fire With Fire”
Last Episode: “Samurai Forever”
Sentai: Saurai Sentai Shinkenger
Producer: Saban & Nickelodeon

Lauren Shiba

Character Bio

Jayden comes from a long line of Samurai known as the Shiba Clan that battled creatures known as Nighlok centuries ago in ancient Japan. First born to the seventeenth head of the clan, Lauren went into hiding so that she could perfect the sealing symbol while her younger brother took the title of Red Ranger. She came to the forefront when it Lauren had perfected the Symbol and took over the role of Red Ranger after her brother went on a short journey. After finding out that Master Xandred found a way to block her sealing symbol, Lauren stepped down as Red Ranger and created disks to aid her brother in defeating Master Xandred. When the Samurai Rangers defeat Master Xandred, Lauren says goodbye to her brother and goes back home.


Lion Folding Zord
The Lion Folding Zord is the personal zord of the Red Samurai Ranger. The Lion Folding Zord can combine with the other Folding Zords and forms the head and body of the Samurai Megazord.



Spin Sword
The Spin Sword is the standard weapon for each Samurai Ranger.


Lauren was able to use the Bullzooka when she took over the team temporarily.


Black Box and Power Disks
When Jayden intends to leave he gives his sister all of his Power Disks and the Black Box.

Shiba Fire Disk
When Lauren was unable to battle Xandred with the Rangers she loaded her Samurai Fire power into this disk to aide in their battle.

16Second Shiba Fire Disk
With the first Shiba’s Fire Disk failure, Lauren pours what remains of her power into this new disk! It enables Jayden to use Fire Smasher Dual Mode!



Mega Mode
Lauren gains this form while piloting the Lion Folding Zord.


Super Samurai Mode
Lauren gains this form when harnessing the powers of the Black Box.

Super Mega Mode
Lauren gains this form while in both Super Samurai Mode and Mega Mode.