Name: Mia Watanabe
Ranger: Pink Samurai Ranger
Actor: Erika Fong
Episodes: 43
First Appearance: “Origins: Part 1″
Last Appearance: “Stuck On Christmas”
Sentai: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Producer: Saban & Nickelodeon


Character Bio

Mia comes from a long line of Samurai known as the Shiba Clan that battled creatures known as Nighlok centuries ago in ancient Japan. When the Nighlok awoke from their slumber, Mia joins the Shiba Clan and becomes the Pink Samurai Ranger. Mia had a fondness for cooking and is always preparing new dishes for her fellow rangers even though they may not always taste good. When Mia and the rest of the Samurai Rangers defeat Master Xandred, she enrolls in cooking school to improve her cooking skills.



Turtle Folding Zord
The Turtle Folding Zord is the personal zord of the Pink Samurai Ranger. The Turtle Folding Zord can combine with the other Folding Zords and forms the right arm of the Samurai Megazord.



Spin Sword
The Spin Sword is the standard weapon for each Samurai Ranger.


Sky Fan
The Sky Fan is the personal weapon of the Pink Samurai Ranger.



Mega Mode
Mia gains this form while piloting her Turtle Folding Zord.

Super Samurai Pink

Super Samurai Mode
Mia gains this form when harnessing the powers of the Black Box.

Super Samurai Mega Mode Pink

Super Mega Mode
Mia gains this form while in both Super Samurai Mode and Mega Mode.

Shogun Pink

Shogun Mode
Mia can assume this form when harnessing the powers of the Shogun Buckle.

 Turtle Costume

Turtle Costume
Mia wore this Turtle Costume while in Trickster’s Movie Dimension.