Master Xandred of the Netherworld
Voiced by: Jeff Szusterman
Ruler of the Nighloks who threatens to flood the world with the Sanzu River! He is prone to monster headaches but takes care of it with his liquid medicine or the strumming of Dayu’s Harmonium! He strangely, has a soft side for Dayu.  During a previous battle with another team of Samurai Rangers headed by Jayden’s father, Master Xandred was sealed in the Netherworld. Unfortunately, Jayden’s father did not master the Symbol and Xandred was not sealed permanently.

Voiced by: Jeff Szusterman
Servant of Xandred who calls each Nighlok from the Sanzu River to come to Earth and create havoc.
Octoroo is the resident brains aboard the Nighlok ship and is chock full of information from his archives. He loves the phrase “Ooh-Ahh-Ooh” for every certain phrase he makes!

Voiced by: Kate Elliot 
A vicious woman who plays the Shamisen (Harmonium), she works for Master Xandred and is secretly on his good side.
Dayu plays her self-loathing music to soothe Master Xandred’s headaches and without her music he is prone to angry outbursts!

 Dayu’s Human Form
While she was human she married Deker and after a large fire at their home Deker was mortally wounded. A mysterious Nighlok appeared to her and gave the option of selling her spirit in order to save Deker. She accepted but was tricked, the mysterious Nighlok turned Deker into a cursed half-human/half-Nighlok with no memory of her at all. 

The Nighlok foot soldiers with fish heads who attack the innocent. 

Crocodile headed like footsoliders who spit fireballs as an attack! 

Played by: Rick Medina 
The mysterious warrior bent on destruction challenges The Red Ranger.
His sword Uramasa was re-awakened when a worthy opponent is awakened.
Deker is eternally locked in a half-human half-Nighlok existence, only the perfect duel can break the spell.
He was previously the husband to Dayu when they were human. A trick from another Nighlok locked him into his current state.
He has no memory of Dayu or their love.
Deker’s Human Form

Voiced by: Derek Judge
The mysterious Nighlok repsonsible for the deal with Dayu and Deker, said to be the Nighlok King.
Serrator at first sends some Nighlok to assist Master Xandred, but later reveals himself and pledges is allegiance. When fighting the Rangers he proves to be a powerful adversary and has the ability to create Nighloks out of paper!

 Furry Warts
Meddlesome pests who like to pop out of no where and chant a song that strangely resembles “Go-Go Power Rangers”

Clash of the Red Rangers

Professor Cog
Voiced by: Cameron Rhodes
An old advisory of the Red RPM Ranger from the Corinth Dimension who decided to go into our dimension to get water from the Sanzu River to pollute the water of his dimension, He enlists the help of  Master Xandred and the Nighloks until the RPM Red Ranger joins with the Samurai to stop him!