The Samurai Megazord

Calling the Folding Zords
The Rangers, in a bright flurry of symbol power write a power symbol to transform into Mega Mode.


MegaMode Inside of the cockpit

Samurai Rangers transform into Mega Mode

Samurai Mega Blades control the cockpit


The Folding Zords
Bear, Dragon, Lion, Ape & Turtle

Megazord Finisher:
“Katana Power, Samurai Strike!”

Secret Disk Megazords

Beetle Zord & Disk

Beetle Blaster Megazord
When the Beetle Zord combines with the  Samurai Megazord they are able to use the Beetle Cannon and the Beetle Blaster finisher! 

Swordfish Zord & Disk

Swordfish Fencer Megazord
When the Swordfish Zord combines with the Samurai Megazord they are able to use the Double Katana and the Swordfish Slash!

Tiger Zord & Disk

Tiger Drill Megazord
When the Tiger Zord combines with the Samurai Megazord they are able to use the Tiger Drill Charge! 

Samurai Battle Wing
The combination of the Beetle, Tiger & Swordfish Zords enable the Rangers to fly and use the Vortex Spin and the Charging Slash!

Battle Wing Megazord
When the Samurai Battle Wing combines with the Samurai Megazord they create an airworthy titan!
With this combination the Rangers create a Flying Slash with a Mega Spin Katana Strike/Final Strike finisher!

The Octozord
The personal Zord of the Gold Samurai Ranger that has a powerful ink attack!
Octo-Spear Megazord
When the OctoZord and the Samurai Megazord combine they create this combination with thrusting power!

The Claw Zord

Claw Battle Zord
A Zord repaired and reprogrammed by the Gold Ranger, Antonio that crushes its enemies with its massive claws!  It transforms into one of four modes that correspond the points of the compass.
Claw BattleZord North (combined with Octozord)
Claw BattleZord South
Claw BattleZord East
Claw BattleZord West

Claw Armor Megazord
With the power of the Black Box the Samurai Rangers are able to combine the Samurai Megazord with the Claw Battlezord giving them even more extreme super power!

Super Samurai  Battle Cannon
After the Rangers have combined into the Claw Armor Megazord they are able to join the Beetle, Tiger, Swordfish Zord AND the Octozord to create a powerful super cannon!

Light Megazord
 After Antonio programs the Light Zord he sends the little guy into battle Serrator’s first monster.
Its attacks include a Blazing Strike, an ability to scrunch down and avoid attacks, Mega Spins & with the power of the Battle Disk can knock opponents out with one or a scatter shot of disks!
Samurai Light Zord Combination
The Light Zord can combine with the Dragon, Bear, Turtle and Ape Folding Zords to create this new Samurai Combination! 

Shark Zord
The Rangers’ Shark Sword can become its own Zord with a ferocious bite! It can also be used as a sword for the Samurai Megazord. 
Samurai Shark Megazord
When the Shark Sword combines with the Samurai Megazord 

The Bull Zord
The first Samurai Zord ever to enter our world was in exile hidden away in a cave guarded by one family for over three hundred years!
When a small boy named Cody frees the Zord it rampages and shows its awesome power! 
Bull Megazord
The Bull Zord can also assume a Megazord mode with powerful shoulder blasters and a Revolving Laser Blaster!
Bull Zord as a Carrior Zord
The Samurai Megazord can also ride on the back of the Bull Zord as if in a Carrier Mode 

Samurai Gigazord
With the symbol power of the Lion, Dragon, Bear, Turtle, Ape, Swordfish, Tiger, Beetle, ClawZord, OctoZord and BullZord the Samurai Rangers deliver an immense finisher with the power of every Samurai Zord with the Ultimate Samurai Combination!
Samurai Gigazord w/ Shark Sword
The Samurai Gigazord, in order to defeat the powerful Serrator, had to use all of the fire power it had in its arsenal and equippted the Shark Sword to deliver the final blow!