XVIII-XIX. Locations


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Panorama City

Shiba House Shiba House Interior

Shiba House
The Shiba House serves as the home and base of operations for the Samurai Rangers.

The Tengen Gate Tengen Gate Interior

The Tengen Gate
The Tengen Gate is a sacred location for the Shiba Clan and the former home of The Black Box.

Bulk And Spike's Clubhouse Entrance Bulk And Spike's Clubhouse

Bulk & Spike’s Clubhouse
Located in a garage, the clubhouse serves as home and training area for Bulk & Spike while they were training to be Samurai’s.

Rainbow's End Rollercoaster Rainbow's End

Rainbow’s End
The Samurai Rangers went to this amusement park on their day off.

Dayu And Deker Cottage Dayu And Deker Cottage Interior

Dayu & Deker’s Cottage 
This cottage was the home of Dayu & Deker during their lives as a married human couple.

The Sanzu River

Sanzu River Xandred's Junk Interior

Xandred’s Ship
Xandred’s Ship serves as the headquarters for Xandred and the Nighlok.

Nighlok Afterlife Nighlok Afterlife Interior

Nighlok Afterlife
This dimension is the home of Nighlok who have been destroyed by the Samurai Rangers.