Orion, Silver Super Megaforce Ranger

Super Megaforce Silver

Name: Orion
Ranger: Silver Super Megaforce Ranger
Actor: Cameron Jebo
Episodes: 13
First Appearance:
Silver Lining: Part 1″
Last Appearance: “Legendary Battle”
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Producer: Saban & Nickelodeon


Character Bio

Originally from the planet Andrasia, there he worked as a miner until the Armada arrived and decimated the entire population. A week prior to the invasion, Orion found a Morpher and Ranger Key in a clear rock which he uses to morph into the Silver Super Megaforce Ranger. To escape his deserted planet, Orion stole an Armada Spaceship that he commandeered after aiming a rock at it with a slingshot. After arriving on Earth, he aligned himself with the Super Megaforce Rangers and swore to avenge his fallen civilization.


Q-Rex Drill Mode

Q-Rex Drill Mode
This mode can be summoned from the Year 3000 when the Silver Super Mega Ranger uses the Quantum Ranger Key.

Q-Rex Dino Mode

Q-Rex Dino Mode
The Q-Rex can transform into this mode when the Silver Super Mega Ranger uses the Green Mighty Morphin’ Key.

Q-Rex Megazord

Q-Rex Megazord
The Q-Rex can transform into this mode when the Silver Super Mega Ranger uses the White Dino Key.



Super Silver Spear/Super Spear Blaster
The Super Silver Spear is the personal weapon of the Silver Super Megaforce Ranger that doubles as a spear and a blaster.


 Super Megaforce Silver Gold Mode

Super Megaforce Silver Gold Mode
Orion can harness the powers of the Sixth Rangers Keys to transform into this battlizer-like mode.

Ranger Keys Used

Super Mega Silver Key

Silver Ranger Key
This Ranger Key give Orion the ability to morph into the Super Megaforce Silver Ranger.

Gold Anchor Key

Gold Anchor Key
This key is formed after Orion combined all the Sixth Ranger Keys together.



Orion’s Armada Ship
Orion shot down an Armada Ship, with only a slingshot, and used it to fly to Earth.


Orion Long Hair Orion Groom Orion Cop Orion Paramedic