XXI. Locations


Super Megaforce Logo

Harwood County

Command Center Command Center (Megaforce) Interior

Command Center
The Command Center is the home of Gosei and Tensou as well as the headquarters for the Super Mega Rangers.

Harwood County High School Harwood County High School Interior

Harwood County High School
Harwood County High School is the school attended by the Super Mega Rangers.

Shopping Mall Ernie's Brain Freeze

Shopping Mall/Ernie’s Brain Freeze
Located in a Shopping Mall, Ernie’s Brain Freeze is regularly frequented by the Mega Rangers and Orion’s place of employment while on Earth.

Harwood County Zoo Harwood County Zoo Interior

Harwood County Zoo
This Zoo,  located in Harwood County was visited by the Super Mega Rangers when they met Casey Rhodes, the Red Jungle Fury Ranger.

Vrak's Powermid Mount Edenova

Mount Edenova
The Armada Commander Sirjinkor traveled to Mount Edenova to harness the power of Vrak’s Powermid.

Other Locations

Animarium Animarium Interior

The Animarium was visited by the Super Mega Rangers to gain the Red Lion Wildzord.

Andrasia Andrasia Beach

Andrasia is the home planet of Orion that was ravaged by The Armada.

Corinth Portal Corinth

Corinth is the home of the RPM Rangers located in a different dimension that the Super Mega Rangers visited after receiving a distress signal from Professor Cog.


Armada Mothership Armada Spaceship Interior

Armada Mothership
The Armada Mothership serves as the headquarter and leading ship in the Armada’s invasion of Earth.