Season 14

Played by: Antonia Prebble
Clare is the absent-minded but well-meaning apprentice of Udonna. Her mother Niella, Udonna’s Sister, was the Gate Keeper and in her mother’s place has taken to foiling Morticon’s plans.

Toby Slambrook
Played by: Barnie Duncan
Owns the Rock Porium music store in Briarwood where he employs the five Mystic Rangers, unaware of the teens secret Ranger identities.

Played by: Kelson Henderson
Phineas is a  resident in mystical forests of Briarwood and a Troblin, that is a union of a Troll and a Goblin. However, both Trolls and Goblins hate him, so he wanders the magical forest alone

Played by: Oliver Driver
Jenji is a powerful genie-cat ally to the Mystic Rangers. Jenji was banished from his homeland; cast away by the ones he loved the most. When he was rescued by Daggeron he was transferred into the lamp. Jenji is partner to the Solaris Knight which uses the lamp as  powerful weapon.

Played by: Holly Shanahan
Leelee is the human teenage daughter of Necrolai and a frequent shopper at Rock Porium. At first she worked in the Underworld for her mother planning on becoming the future Queen of the Vampires. However, when the Rangers found out her secret they felt she had betrayed their friendship. Later she would prove to be a strong ally to the Rangers.

Snow Prince
Voiced by: Paolo Rotondo
According to Daggeron, he had mentored the original Mystic Wizards, led by Nick’s father, Leanbow. He accompanied Clare in her audience with the Mystic Mother and helped in the defeat of the Master.

Tribunal of Magic
Voiced by: Stuart Devenie, Michael Morrissey & Elizabeth McRae 
The Tribunal governs all of the world’s magic and represents Evil, Neutral and Good Magic. Initially turning the Rangers down to restore their powers when they had lost them, but eventually agree and grant them the Legend Powers.

Mystic Mother 
Played by: Machiko Soga, Voiced by: Susan Brady
Rita Repulsa once the Empress of  Evil had now turned to a life of Good Magic and became the Empress of all Good Magic on Earth. The Snow Prince attempted to warn her of the Master’s invasion, but she stood her ground and before he could destroy her she became and unstoppable force of good magic!