Mystic Wands
Magic wands given to the Rangers by Udonna.

Mystic Morpher
To keep the identities of the Rangers a secret Udonna created the Mystic Morpher to look similar to a cell phone.
The Rangers use spell codes in order to call their Mystic Titan Forms and transform.
To morph they call, “Magical Source, Mystic Force!”

Wolf Morpher
Morpher used byKoragg (Leanbow) to transform into the Wolf Warrior.

 Solar Cell Morpher
Daggeron uses this ticket-punch like morpher to transform in the Solaris Knight.
He also uses various punch cards to cast spells.

Snow Staff
Magistaff used by Udonna to transform into the White Mystic Ranger.
It is able to become a blade or blast snowy gusts!

Is the primary weapon of each Mystic Force  Ranger, it can transform into several modes.

MagiStaff Sword/Striker Mode

MagiStaff in Axe Mode

MagiStaff in Crossbow Mode

MagiStaff in Wand Mode

Mystic Force Fighters
Powerful magical boxing gloves first used by Xander to enhance speed and agility.

Mystic Muscles
Xander received a new spell code where he gained exaggerated muscles.

Solaris Laser Lamp
Weapon of the Solaris Knight where Jenji is stored; Daggeron can blast or shoot out Jenji!

Knight Sabre and Wolf Shield
Weapons used by Koragg to release Dark Spells and is a main part in the Centaurus Wolf Megazord.

Mystic Legend Armor
Armor granted to the Mystic Force Rangers from the Tribunal of Magic.
Magical Power and strength is granted when they call, “Legendary Source, Mystic Force!”

Mystic Lion Staffs
When in Legend Mode the Rangers have access to the Lion Staffs that are able to transform them into the Firebird or Lion Zords.

Code 1: Elemental Attack
When the Rangers use Code 1 on their Lion Staffs they create different attacks

Nick (Red Mystic Ranger): “Fire Storm!”
Xander (Green Mystic Ranger): “Rockslide!”
Chip (Yellow Mystic Ranger): “Lightning Bolt!”
Maddie (Blue Mystic Ranger): “Tidal Wave!”
Vida (Pink Mystic Ranger): “Whirlwind!” 

Code 2: Stronger Elemental Attack
Code 2 creates a powerful combined attack when “Legend Warriors, United Formation!” is called.
It is used as a finisher.

Code 3: Mystic Firebird
Only Nick can transform into the Mystic Firebird

Code 4: Mystic Lion
Remaining four Rangers become  Mystic Lion

Code 5: Manticore Megazord

The Xenotome
This book holds and reveals all of the Mystic Ranger’s spells.
It is also used by Udonna and Clare to battle evil.

 Mystic Brooms
Normal brooms used by the Mystic Force Rangers to travel.

 Mystic Racers
The Mystic Brooms were transformed into Racers by a new magical spell.

Mystic Speeders
After gaining a new spell code, Nick turns his Racer into a Speeder

 Mystic Carpet
Personal vehicle of Daggeron, the Solaris Knight

Fire Heart
Hatched from an egg by the Mystic Rangers, this powerful Dragon can combine with the Red Mystic Ranger to create his Battlizer Mode.

Red Mystic Ranger in Legend Mode atop Fire  Heart

Fierce Dragon Morpher 
Morpher used to fuse with Fire Heart to become the Red Dragon Fire Ranger .

 Red Dragon Fire Ranger
Nick, the Red Mystic Force Ranger’s battlized form when fused with Dragon Heart.