XIV. Codes & Spells



The Mystic Morpher

Mystic Morpher Open


Spell Codes

Mystic Force Morph

123 Galwit Mysto Ranger [Morphing Spell]

Mystic Racers

128Galwit Mysto Aerotan [Summons The Mystic Racers]

Mystic Speeder
124Galwit Mysto Motro [Summons The Mystic Rider]

Mystic Titans

125Galwit Mysto Prifior [Morphs Mystic Rangers Into Titans]

Titan Megazord
106Galwit Neramax Unios [Combines Titans Into Megazord]

Mystic Titan Dragon Formation
126Galwit Mysto Unios [Morphs Into Mystic Dragon]

Mystic Force Fighters Yellow
883Tryn Tryn Ranger [Summons Mystic Fighters]

Mystic Muscles
10Galwit Neramax [Mystic Muscles Spell]

120Galwit Mysto Neramax [Morphs Rangers Into Legend Mode]

Mystic Force Fighters
086 Neramax Tryn Unios [Xander’s Mystic Fighters]

The Mystic Lion Staff

Mystic Lion Staffs

Code 1 – Each Ranger Creates Their Own Elemental Attack
Code 2 – Legend Warrior United Formation
Code 3 – Morphs Red Ranger Into Mystic Firebird
Code 4 – Morphs the Green, Yellow, Blue & Pink Rangers Into The Mystic Lion
Code 5 – Morph Into The Manticore Megazord

Light Magic Spells

Wicker Broom

Mysto Aerotan – Summons The Rangers’ Broomsticks

Sheep Claire

Corum Oviat Ditrum – Morphs You Into A Sheep

Claire Civilian

Morthay Mammun – Reverts Yourself To Normal

Mystic Wands Mystic Morphers

Utum Zore – Morphs the Rangers’ Wands Into The Mystic Morpher

Bee Summon

Florum Xylo Copa – Produces A Swarm Of Bees

Big Head Xander
Craneor Magnus – Creates A Giant Head

Stone Cure
Sorvadum Nuchaios – Supposed To Unpetrify A Victim

Big Mirror
Reflectus Targo – Summons A Mirror


Levitatus Milanda – A Levitation Spell

Bald Claire
Hilarium Shenolia – A Balding Spell

Finishio – A Disappearance Spell:  Used to Cloak from Evil, Prevent alergic reaction, or Heals Wounds
Malorium Orvis – Short Distance Teleportation.

Jake Bonebreaker

Vivacim Erectu – Able To Bring Cardboard To Life And Vice Versa.

Giant White Mystic Ranger

Noru Estraba Luxrotu – Creates A Spectral Image

Tree Growing

Udfus Methud Arborus – Grows Trees

Evil Teleport
Fluidus Maloria – Allowing The Caster To Enter The Underworld

Off Balance

Udfus Bethud – Compromises A Monster’s Balance

Bluish Pink Frog
Mysto Ribito – A Massive Frog Spell

Free Spell
Nusatu Valerium (Maximum) – Used To Dissolve Udonna’s Cage And Break The Sleeping Spell

Spirit Udonna

Sureium Novium – Ability To Separate One’s Spirit From Body

Fire Ball

Gojika – Concealment In An Orb Of Light

Koragg Spells

Dark Spell Seal

Uthe Mejor  Monster Growth Spell


Mejor Catastros  Summon Catastros
Uthe Mejor Catastros  Summon Catastros After Enlargement

Koragg Centaur Mode

Sumbol Unithos Equestras – Combine Into Knight Wolf Centaur

Centaurus Wolf Megazord

Uthe Mejor Ultimas – Combine Into Centaurus Wolf Megazord

Self Teleport

Uthe Sastos – Self Teleportation

Monster Teleport
Uthra Norqua Ozarro – Teleportation Of Others

Dark Source Evil Force

Dark Source, Evil Force – Ability To Steal Mystical Power

Infrado Teleport

Basilichi Infredo  Opens Portal To The Underworld

Reverse The Seal

Oderfni Ihcilisab – Reverse The Seal

Summon Fire Heart

Northrex Uthum Sondor – Summons Fire Heart

Regain Magic

Uthe Negrucious – Regain Magic

Multi Teleport

Uthe Zazare – Multiple Teleportation

Imperious’ Spells

Leelee Bug
Vistran Mightor – Turns Leelee Into An Insect

Vine Rot
Mejura – Allows the Destruction Of Xander’s Vines

Vine Explosion
Ignacio Causes Xander’s Vines To Turn On Him

Dark Tornado
Bombosa – Morph Into A Dark Tornado

Dark Tidal Wave
Entoa – Used To Repel Madison’s Water

Deflect Lightning

Ulafow – Used To Deflect Chip’s Lightning

Dark Lightning
Mutra Vento  A Dark Lightning Attack

Imperious Growth One

Vilastow – Used To Grow Larger Than Normal

Imperious Teleport
Luthaar – Teleportation

Imperious Guard Break
Dereus Malorium – Used To Break Protection Spells

Obvilion Portal Open

Venturius Ulmatium – Opens The Oblivion To Release The Barbarian Beasts

Imperious Growth Two

Malorus Melavacardum – Imperious Grows To Standard Giant Size

Forbidden Spell
Megaro Zanga Meru Douza – Forbidden Spell Used To Resurrect Wandering Souls