XIV. Locations


Mystic Force Logo

Magical Dimension

Root Core Root Core Interior

 Root Core
Built by Udonna after the great battle against the Morlocks, Root Core serves as the base of operations for the Mystic Force Rangers.

Shalifar Shalifar Ground

Shalifar is a magical dimension that Daggeron made the Mystic Rangers train in.

Mount Isis Mount Isis Forest

Mount Isis
Chip & Daggeron had to venture to Mount Isis to acquire the Staff Of Topaz.

Tribunal Dimension Podium Tribunal Dimension

Tribunal Dimension
The Mystic Rangers came to this dimension to beg the Tribunal Of Magic to reverse the Dark Wish.

Bound Battle Dimension Close-Up Bound Battle Dimension Far View

Bound Battle Dimension
Daggeron & Imperious used this dimension to have their bound battle.

Snow Prince Dimension Close-Up Snow Prince Dimension Far View

Snow Prince Dimension 
This dimension is the home of the Snow Prince.

Lake Of Lament Beach Lake Of Lament

Lake Of Lament
This lake is used by Sculpin to communicate with Leanbow.

Mystic Mother's Castle Mystic Mother's Castle Interior

Mystic Mother’s Castle
This castle is the home of Mystic Mother.


Rock Porium Rock Porium Interior

Rock Porium
This record store is the place of employment for the Mystic Rangers.


Underworld Underworld Interior

The Underworld serves as the home and headquarters of the Morlocks.

Ten Terrors Chamber Ten Terrors Chamber Entrance

Ten Terrors Chamber 
This chamber is the headquarters of the Ten Terrors.