Season 14

Morticon’s Monsters

Info: Swallows Xander and Nick
Defeat: Mystic Titans

Hydra Worm
“Code Busters”
Info: Necrolai’s pet Hydraworm, which can burrow in and out from the surface world
Defeat: Titan Megazord in Dragon Mode

“Rock Solid”
Info: Turns Madison to stone
Defeat: Titan Megazord

“Broken Spell, Part 1″ “Legendary Catastros”
Info: Attacks the Village
Defeat:  First defeated by Udonna

“Legendary Catastros”
Info: Stronger version of “Bouldy”
Defeat: Centaurus Phoenix Megazord

Taxi Cab Monster
“Fire Heart”
Info: Helps Necrolai steal the map with Fire Heart’s location
Defeat: Titan Megazord’s Mystic Spell Seal

“Stranger Within, Part 1″ “Stranger Within, Part 2″
Info: DJ that hypnotized and turned Vida into a Vampire
Defeat: Titan Megazord

“Petrified Xander”
Info:  Waiting for Xander and Vida when they opened the wrong door when trying to obtain the Fire Heart

“Petrified Xander”
Info: Rebuilds himself from his hidden head that glows red
Defeat: Mystic Force Fighters

Gargoyle of the Gates
“The Gatekeeper, Part 2″
Info: When the gate to the underworld rises from the underworld , this gargoyle comes alive
Defeat: Centaurus Phoenix Megazord

Imperius’ Monsters

Jester the Pester
“Long Ago”
Info: He can detach his hand and have a hammer or a pair of scissors
Defeat: Jenji’s Shinning Attack

“Inner Strength”
Info: Attacks with a large hammer
Defeat:  Solar Streak Megazord

“Soul Specter”
Info: Gnatu and Spydex takes souls and places them inside Spydex’s back
Defeat: Titan Megazord Spirits of the Ancient Titans

“Soul Specter”
Info: Challenges the Rangers to trapeze walk on his giant spider web above the city
Defeat: Magi Staff Slash

“Ranger Down”
Info: Screamer turned people and the Rangers into feathers
Defeat: Titan Megazord & Solar Streak Megazord

Barbarian Beasts

“Dark Wish, Part 1″
Info: Disliked by Koragg
Defeat: Mystic Minotaur

“Dark Wish, Part 1″
Info: Terrible Shriek Attack
Defeat: Yellow Ranger’s Thunder and Mystic Combo Attack

50 Below
“Dark Wish, Part 1″ “Dark Wish, Part 3″
Defeat: Mystic Legend Powers

“Dark Wish, Part 1″ “Dark Wish, Part 3″
Info: Imperius uses his power to create a menacing robot

“Petty Coat Junker” or Ursus
“Dark Wish, Part 3″
Info: Powered up from Fightoe’s powers
Defeat:  Manticore Megazord

“Heir Apparent, Part 1″ “Heir Apparent, Part 2″
Info:  Made up of its normal face, a female chameleon-like face, a bull-like face, a vampire bat-like face on top of his normal head, a lobster’s face on its neck, a lion-like face on its chest, a moustached-crocodile head for a right arm, the left arm of the blue monster, the feathers of Screamer, and the feet of Clawbster.
Defeat: Phoenix Unizord