Mystic Phoenix
Humanoid version of this Mystic Titan is the Zord of Nick, the Red Mystic Force Ranger

Mystic Minotaur
Bull form of this Mystic Titan is the Zord of Xander, the Green Mystic Force Ranger.

Mystic Garuda
Bird like form of th is Mystic Titan is the Zord of Chip, the Yellow Mystic Force Ranger.

Mystic Mermaid
Humanoid form of this Mystic Titan is the Zord of Maddie, the Blue Mystic Force Ranger.

Mystic Sprite
A fairy like form of this Mystic Titan is the Zord of Vida, the Pink Mystic Force Ranger.

Titan Megazord in Dragon Mode
This mode was used as a vehicle for Mystic Phoenix to ride and deliver fireball attacks.


Titan Megazord
The mystic Titans in Megazord mode armed with a large magical sword.

A powertful horse Zord that many have tried to tame. He is able to combine with Koragg.
Centaur Megazord
The first form of Catastros & Koragg before they combine completely.
Centaurus Wolf Megazord
When Koragg uses dark magic to combine into a Megazord form.
Can perform Dark Magic spells

 Centaurus Phoenix Megazord
When Nick healed and conquered his fear of Catastros the horse Zord lent his power
and combined with Mystic Phoenix. After the battle he returned to Koragg.

The Solar Streak
A 6-Car Train like Zord piloted by Daggeron, the Solaris Knight
Can serve as a carrier as well as time travel.
Solar Streak Megazord
This Megazord can travel between dimensions, use the Furnace Blast Attack and send out trains from its legs.

Mystic Firebird
The Red Mystic Ranger transforms into this fiery bird to combine with Mystic Lion.
Mystic Lion
The 4 Remaining  Rangers create a Zord and combine into one being.
Manticore Megazord
Mystic Firebird and Mystic Lion combine into one. It uses attacks such as
Legend Striker Spin Attack and Manticore Lasers.

A unicorn like Zord used by Daggeron is able to travel through dimensions.
 Phoenix UniZord
Mystic Phoenix combined with Brighstar, destroys enemies with a Final Strike Attack..