Daggeron, Solaris Knight


Name: Daggeron
Ranger: Solaris Knight
Actor: John Tui
Episodes: 18
First Appearance: “Long Ago”
Last Appearance: “Mystic Fate: Part 2”
Sentai: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

During the Great Battle, Daggeron was trusted by Udonna & Leanbow to protect their son Bowen from the forces of darkness. However, he is ambushed Calindor who betrayed the Mystics and they are both trapped inside a cave until the Mystic Rangers enter the cave and release them. However, due to their powers crossing, he was turned into a frog and only when Madison kissed him that he was able to transform back into his human form. After being released from his curse, he aides the current Power Ranger team as their newest teacher and on the battlefield as Solaris Knight.


Solar Streak Solar Streak Megazord

Solar Streak/Solar Streak Megazord
The Solar Streak is the personal zord of Solaris Knight that has the ability to travel through different dimensions. Solar Streak has the ability to transform into a humanoid form known as the Solar Streak Megazord.


Solaris Laser Lamp

Solaris Laser Lamp
The Solaris Laser Lamp is the personal weapon of the Solaris Knight that can fire blast of golden energy at its opponents.


Daggeron Ancient Mystic Mode

Ancient Mystic Mode
Solaris Knight can also assume this form in battle.


Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet
Daggeron can ride this magic carpet when he needs to enter a battle in a short amount of time.