Leanbow, Wolf Warrior


Name: Leanbow
Ranger: Wolf Warrior
Actor: Chris Graham
Episodes: 32
First Appearance: “Broken Spell: Part 1”
Last Appearance: “Mystic Fate: Part 2”
Sentai: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

Leanbow was the original Red Mystic Warrior who led the people of the forest to banish the forces of darkness to the underworld. To keep the force of the underworld at bay, he sacrificed his freedom and trapped himself with the underworld after the gate was sealed. Before the gates were sealed however, the master of the underworld Octomus, spent the last of his energy to transform Leanbow into his most loyal servant Koragg The Knight Wolf. Eventually, Leanbow is able to break free from his spell and is able to reunite with his wife Udonna and son Bowen for a short time until he uses the rest of his powers to destroy Octomus and seal his spirit within himself. The Ten Terrors eventually find Leanbow and take with them Octomus’s spirit and leaves him for dead. Udonna eventually finds him and revives him and in turn he gains the ability to transform into Wolf Warrior.



Catastros was given to Leanbow by Octomus when he was Koragg to use in battle.


Knight Saber

Knight Saber
The Knight Saber is the primary weapon of the Wolf Warrior.

Wolf Shield

Wolf Shield
Wolf Warrior uses the Wolf Shield to block oncoming enemies attacks.

Other Forms

Leanbow Ancient Mystic Mode

Ancient Mystic Mode
Wolf Warrior can also assume this form in battle.


Voiced By: Geoff Dolan
Leanbow is transformed into Koragg by Octomus after the Gate Of The Underworld are sealed. Leanbow is freed from Octomus’ control after absorbing a virus meant for the Mystic Rangers. Leanbow assumes the identity of Koragg in order to prevent the Ten Terrors from gaining Octomus’ lifeforce.