Nick “Bowen” Russell, Red Mystic Ranger


Name: Nick Russell
Ranger: Red Mystic Ranger
Actor: Firass Dirani
Episodes: 32
First Appearance: “Broken Spell: Part 1”
Last Appearance: “Mystic Fate: Part 2”
Sentai: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

At the start of the series, Nick comes to Briarwood to live with his sister and it is there he sees a helpless old man asking people to help him find his brother in the forbidden woods. He agrees to alongside four other brave souls and is revealed to be a test by the sorceress Udonna to pick Power Rangers to fight the forces of darkness. At first Nick is reluctant but eventually joins the team as Red Ranger and the leader of the Mystic Force. Nick is shown to be somewhat of a loner due to him not staying in places long enough to make any friends. However, this changes when he eventually warms up to his teammates. It is revealed later in the series that Nick is actually Udonna’s long lost son who went missing during the Great Battle and that he is the chosen one known as “The Light” who was born of magical blood who shall be the one to defeat the darkness. After Nick and the rest of the Mystic Force Rangers defeat Octomus, he and his birth parents travel to see his adopted parents via motorcycle.


Mystic Phoenix
Nick has the ability to transform into this phoenix-like warrior while entering giant fights. The Mystic Phoenix has the ability to combine with the other Mystic Titans and forms the chest cavity of the Titan Megazord.


Catastros/Centaurus Phoenix Megazord
Nick was able to tame Catastros temporarily after saving him from a poison arrow. Nick is able to combine with Catastros to form the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord.

Mystic Firebird

Mystic Firebird
Nick can transform into the Mystic Firebird while in Legend Warrior mode. The Mystic Firebird can combine with the Mystic Lion to form the Manticore Megazord.

Brightstar Phoenix Unizord

Brightstar/Phoenix Unizord
Nick is given Brightstar to use in battle after his Legend Warrior powers were stolen. Nick can combine with Brightstar to form the Phoenix Unizord.


Red Magi Staff Mystic Sword

Red Magi Staff/Sword Mode
The Red Magi Staff is the standard weapon of the Red Mystic Ranger. Nick’s Magi Staff can transform into a Sword Mode to use in battle.

Mystic Force Fighters Red Ranger

Mystic Force Fighters
The Mystic Force Fighters can be used by Nick while fighting a super strong monster.

Mystic Lion Staff Red

Mystic Lion Staff
The Mystic Lion Staff is used by Nick when he goes into Legend Mode.


Legend Mode Red

Legend Mode
Nick was given this mode by the Tribunal after he learned not to take the easy way out in battle.

Red Dragon Fire Ranger Red Dragon Fire Ranger Winged

Red Dragon Fire Ranger
This form can be achieved when Nick, The Red Mystic Ranger combines with the dragon Fire Heart.

Other Forms

Possessed Nick Nick The Knight Wolf

Knight Wolf Armor
When Nick is possessed by Octomus, he assumes the armor formerly possessed by Koragg The Knight Wolf for a short time.


Mystic Racer
Originally a flying broomstick, the Mystic Racer is used by Nick to fly into battle at a fast pace.

Mystic Speeder

Mystic Speeder
Nick’s Mystic Racer can transform into this motorcycle-like vehicle to drive into battle in a pinch.