Udonna, White Mystic Ranger


Name: Udonna
Ranger: White Mystic Ranger
Actor: Peta Rutter
Episodes: 32
First Appearance: “Broken Spell: Part 1”
Last Appearance: “Mystic Fate: Part 2”
Sentai: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

Udonna is a white sorceress who chose five humans from the mortal world to become the protectors of their world and the magical world. She herself too was the White Mystic Ranger until the Knight Wolf Koragg stole her Snow Staff that prevented her from morphing. However, she still trained the five mystic in the ways of good magic. Later in the series, it was revealed that she was the sister of the Gatekeeper Niela who in turn was the mother of Clare, was married to the original Red Mystic Leanbow who in turn was Koragg and had a son with Leanbow named Bowen who was revealed to be Nick.


White Mystic Ranger Titan Mode

Titan Mode
Udonna assumed this form only once to fight Koragg.


Snow Staff

Snow Staff
The Snow Staff is the personal weapon of the White Mystic Ranger.