Xander Bly, Green Mystic Ranger


Name: Xander Bly
Ranger: Green Mystic Ranger
Actor: Richard Brancatsiano
Episodes: 34
First Appearance: “Broken Spell: Part 1”
Last Appearance: “Once A Ranger: Part 2”
Sentai: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

At the start of the series, Xander is shown to be working alongside his friend Madison, Vida, and Chip at their place of employment the Rock Porium. Later in the day, he sees a helpless man old man asking people to help him find his brother in the forbidden wood.He agrees to alongside four other brave souls and is revealed to be a test by the sorceress Udonna to pick Power Rangers to fight the forces of darkness. He is chosen to be the Green Ranger. Xander is shown to have a bit of an ego while working at the Rock Porium and on the battlefield thinking that he would be able to persuade certain evil force to stop fighting with his charm. After Xander and the rest of the Mystic Force Rangers defeat Octomus, he becomes a manager at the Rock Porium.


Mystic Minotaur

Mystic Minotaur
Xander has the ability to transform into this minotaur-like warrior while entering giant fights. The Mystic Minotaur has the ability to combine with the other Mystic Titans and forms the head, arms, and posterior of the Titan Megazord.


Green Magi Staff Mystic Ax

Green Magi Staff/Ax Mode
The Green Magi Staff is the standard weapon of the Green Mystic Ranger. Xander’s Magi Staff can transform into an Ax Mode to use in battle.

Mystic Force Fighters

Mystic Force Fighters
The Mystic Force Fighters can be used by Xander while fighting a super strong monster.

Mystic Lion Staff Green

Mystic Lion Staff
The Mystic Lion Staff is used by Xander when he goes into Legend Mode.


Legend Mode Green

Legend Mode
Xander was given this mode by the Tribunal after he learned not to take the easy way out in battle.

Mystic Muscles

Mystic Muscles
The Mystic Muscles are used by Xander when he needs an extra boost of muscle.


Mystic Racer
Originally a flying broomstick, the Mystic Racer is used by Xander to fly into battle at a fast pace.

Later Appearances


Operation Overdrive
Xander is recruited by Sentinel Knight to join a team of Veteran Rangers to replace the Overdrive Rangers temporarily after Thrax disconnects them from the Morphin’ Grid.