Season 14 (2006)

Octomus, the Master
Played by: John Leigh
Octomus is the true leader of the forces of darkness and Supreme Master of the Underworld and is referred to only as the Master.
Leanbow sealed him in the Pit, ending the Great War but the master was able to transform his foe into Koragg.

Played by: Andrew Robertt
The general of the Morlock army, Morticon appears to be an undead cyborg, with the machinery that comprises the bulk of his body fused to what remains of his blue skin. He is so powerful that it makes it difficult for him to summon his power to the surface world. He uses a mystical portal that allows him to keep an eye on things and communicate with the master.

Played by: Donogh Rees, Brigitte Berger 
Necrolai is the Dark Mistress of the Underworld and Queen of the Vampires. She can fly and usually scouts the area for Morticon. However, Necrolai is usually the one who brings up monsters and thinks up the schemes.

Koragg the Knight Wolf 
Played by: Chris Graham & Geoff Dolan (as Koragg)
Koragg is a powerful wizard who fights faithfully for the Master, but doesn’t bow to anyone else. Although he is evil, Koragg insists that honor is the only way. He controls the powerful dark horse Catastros which is his faithful servant.
In reality, he is actually Leanbow Father of Nick and Husband to Udonna.

Played by: Stuart Devine, Will Hall
Referring to himself as the “Dark Wizard”, Imperious sees magic as a way to grant his own selfish desires. He once was an ally of the Mystics and a friend of Udonna’s named Calindor, a wizard with Ancient Mystic Mode. Fed up of following Leanbow’s teachings and corrupted by dark magic, he betrayed the Mystics and tried to take Bowen to the Underworld. He battled Daggeron over the baby, resulting in both combatants being cursed and sealed in a cave.

The Hidiacs are the undead soldiers that serve Necrolai, and all other evil forces. They are equipped with blade weapons and can fire explosive plasma.

The Ten Terrors

Played by: Greg Smith 
Magma was the first of the Ten Terrors chosen to fight the Mystic Force Power Rangers while Udonna left to find Leanbow. He was an Ifrit (a type of fire demon) who used a club with a ball and chain as his weapon.

Played by: Andrew Laing
A red-eyed robotic Cyclops, Oculous is the sharp shooter of the Ten Terrors and is known as the “Cunning Hunter”. He used a sniper rifle with a bayonet as his weapon. He possesses the power to demolecularise whatever he shoots at and can access another dimension from which he can fire at any target he wants wherever it is.

Played by: Sally Stockwell
Serpentina is a Medusa-like Gorgon monster with a mirror-coated shield for a weapon. Serpentina is one of the two female terrors, and the slyest of the ten. She speaks in a hissing lisp. She has the ability to morph her lower body in a more serpentine shape (similar to a Nāga) and can shoot purple electricity from her mouth, a technique she calls the Snake Strike. She also has the ability to transform herself into a giant snake and can summon many snakes (her “children”) and when a victim is bitten by her snakes, she can activate her shield causing all who have been bitten to turn to stone.

Played by: Dalas Barnett
Megahorn is one of the least willing to obey the rules and the most short-tempered, he is also the first of the Terrors to break the “Rules of Darkness”. By slashing his sword, he is able to create shock waves or summon green fireballs (his fireballs can defeat the Maniticore Megazord in one blast). He also can summon strange black and purple spheres of dark energy. One of his most powerful attacks is the “Lizard Laser”, where he blows a powerful blast of green fire from his mouth, and can also breathe powerful blasts of fire or fireballs.

Played by: Carlie McDermott
He was a gluttonous, turquoise toad monster that wields a hammer that also functions as a trumpet. By squeezing his warts, he can squirt various kinds of slime, one brand acts like an acid that is strong enough to dissolve concrete, another can prevent whichever of the Rangers it touches from morphing. He also has the ability to spit large gobs of explosive oily sludge at his enemies and can extend his tongue like a real frog to ensnare his enemies. He also has the ability to conjure huge clouds containing Poisonous Tadpoles (his “babies”) that would eventually hatch and become Poisonous Frogs.

Played by: Mark Ferguson
Gekkor seems to be the fastest of the Terrors, able to move at lightning speed in battle. Utilising his speed, he was able to overwhelm all the Power Rangers plus Solaris Knight together. He is also able to shoot a barrage of needle-like projectiles and summon forth fiery green energy blasts from his spear.

Played by: Cameron Rhodes
He began his rampage on the surface world by collecting all the electricity in the area.  He was chosen to combine with the master so that the master could rise up.

Played by: Josephine Davison
Itassis bears the appearance, reminiscent to that of a sphinx. Also her attire denotes the heavy influence of ancient Egypt. Her main weapon is an arm mounted bazooka shaped like a lion’s head and possesses immense power.  Black Lance and Sculpin defeat and destroy her after she declares that she will not serve Evil any more.

Black Lance
Played by: Derek Judge
Black Lance was a black knight-like monster with a shield and lance and sometimes uses a thin, jagged sword instead of his lance. He also has a Chariot that he rides into battle with that is pulled by horses that appear to be smaller and differently colored versions of Catastros. He is also one of the most powerful of the Terrors, boasting incredible offensive power, able to defeat the Manticore Megazord with one stroke of his lance and also seems to be one of the fastest when he is riding his chariot, he can also shoot lighting from his lance.

Played by: Peter Daube
Sculpin is the red fish man-like leader of the Ten Terrors with a trident for a weapon.Being the leader, Sculpin is most likely the most powerful of all the Terrors, his trident is an efficient weapon, able to strike down Magma, Matoombo and Itassis with it easily and can summon a flurry of fireballs from his trident when fighting. He also has the ability to shed his fish scales and use them as tracking devices. He is fanatically loyal to the Master, and doesn’t even view it as his place to question orders.