Season 11

Sensei, Kanoi Watanabe
Played by: Grant McFarland
Kanoi Watanabe is the sensei of the Wind Ninja Academy, turned into a guinea pig by Lothor. He is the Father of Cam Watanabe and the Brother of Lothor. As a guinea pig he mentors the Wind Rangers and later the Thunder Rangers when they join the team.

Sensei Omino
Played by: Albert Heimuli
Sensei Omino was the head of the Thunder Ninja Academy and gave Blake and Hunter their morphers

Leanne Omino
Played by: Angela Bloomfield
Leanne, a Thunder Blade champion, is the daughter of Sensei Omino and graduated from the Thunder Academy before Lothor’s take over.

Played by: Megan Nicol
Kelly is the owner of “Storm Chargers”, the store where the Rangers work and hang out, while not on duty.

Miko Watanabe
Played by: Roseanne Liang
Miko is the Mother of Cam which he met when we went back in time. He discovers that she comes from a long line of Samurai and she was the first female to be admitted to the Wind Ninja Academy. Miko gave Cam a green amulet that had been passed down within her family. The amulet had great power, and allowed Cam to become the Green Samurai Ranger.

Cyber Cam
When Cam felt that he was being spread too thin between Ninja Ops and being the Green Samurai Ranger, he created a virtual duplicate of himself only with a thug-like persona.

Played by: Jaime Passier-Armstrong 
Skyla is a Karminian saved from a bounty hunter by Shane as a child. A death in her race meant that her power could be passed onto someone she deemed worthy. As she died, she gave Shane her powers granting him the Battlizer Armor.