The Wind  Morphers
With a spin of the power discs  on the Wind Morphers, they call out
“Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!”  Shane, Dustin & Tori become The Ninja Storm Rangers

Ninja Power Discs

Thunder Morphers
These morphers allow Blake and Hunter to transform into Thunder Rangers.

Cyclone Morpher/Samurai Amulet
Retrieved from the past by Cam, he morphed into the Green Samurai Ranger.

Hawk Blaster
This weapon releases a massive turbine blast when wielded by the Red Wind Ranger, Shane.

 Lion Hammer
This weapon creators tremors in the earth when wielded by the Yellow Wind Ranger, Dustin.

Sonic Fin
This weapon creates sonic waves to knock monsters off their feet; is wielded by the Blue Wind Ranger, Tori.

The Storm Striker
When the three power weapons are combined they create a finishing attack based on which weapon is dominant.

Crimson Blaster
A weapon belonging to Hunter, the Crimson Thunder Ranger, which fires rapid bursts of energy.

Navy Antler
A weapon belonging to Blake, the Navy Thunder Ranger, which catches and electrifies targets.

Thunder Blaster
Blaster formed by combining the Navy Antler and Crimson Blaster.

Thunderstorm Cannon
The Thunderstorm Cannon is a combination of the Wind Rangers’ Storm Striker
and the Thunder Rangers’ Thunder Blaster.

Ninja Sword/Laser Blaster
Each Wind Ranger carries this weapon strapped to their backs at all times.

Thunder Staffs
The Thunder Rangers carry these staffs which can create a tornado star and a thunder shield.

Samurai Blade
This sword of the Green Samurai Saber has a computerized handle which is patched in to the computers at Ninja Ops.

Super Samurai Mode
Already unlocked in his morpher this form was used by Cam to enhance his swordsmanship, speed and strength.

Lightning Riff Blaster
Cam’s Weapon used to summon the Mighty Mammoth Zord

Thunder Blade
A special weapon given to Blake by his Thunder Academy Sensei.

Ninja Gliders
Each Ranger can summon a gilder, for high flying aerial maneuvers.

 Wind Rangers’ Tsunami Cycles
Thunder Rangers’  Tsunami Cycles

Ninja Glider Cycle
Hunter acquired his own cycle which can also transform into either a Glider or Cycle.

Mobile Command Center
The mobile command center holds the Tsunami Cycles, and can be remote controlled by Cam.

 Dragon Force Vehicle
Has two modes – a compact mode armed with drills, and a serpentine mode which can shoot flames.

Hurricane Morpher
Shane, the Red Wind Ranger uses this morpher to transform into his battlized form.
Tri Battlized Armor Battlizer
Shane morphs into the his battlized form using the Tri-Battlized Armor.