XI. Locations


Ninja Storm Logo

Blue Bay Harbor

Ninja Ops Ninja-Ops Interior

Housed underneath the Wind Ninja Academy, Ninja-Ops serves as the base of operations for the Ninja Rangers. Ninja-Ops was badly damaged by Lothor, Marah, and Kapri after the trio located it.

Wind Ninja Academy Wind Ninja Academy Interior

Wind Ninja Academy
The Wind Ninja Academy is a ninja school that teaches it students the way of the Wind Ninja.

Storm Chargers Storm Chargers Interior

Storm Chargers
Storm Chargers is an extreme sports store that Dustin works at and the rest of the Ninja Rangers regularly frequent.


Lothor's Lairship Lothor's Lairship Interior

Lothor’s Lairship
The Lairship is the base of operations for Lothor and his army.