Blake Bradley, Navy Thunder Ranger

Ninja Navy

Name: Blake Bradley
Ranger: Navy Thunder Ranger
Actor: Jorgito Vargas Jr.
Episodes: 36
First Appearance: “There’s No “I” In Team”
Last Appearance: “Thunder Storm: Part 2”
Sentai: Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger
Producer: Disney

Blake Bradley

Character Bio

Blake was adopted by Thunder Ninjas who were killed by the Ninja Warlord Lothor. After this altercation, he and his adopted brother, Hunter, were raised at the Thunder Ninja Academy. Years later, Lothor’s forces attack the Thunder Ninja Academy and they were captured. However, before they were captured by Lothor’s forces, Sensei Omino gave him and his brother the Thunder Morphers. Finding this out, Lothor manipulated Blake and Hunter by telling them that Sensei Watanabe killed their parents and from then on, they agreed to work with him in mission for world conquest. The Thunder Rangers first mission with Lothor was to defeat the Wind Rangers and succeeded in several altercation. Eventually, they learned the truth about who killed their parents and ended their feud with the Wind Rangers. They returned to Blue Bay Harbor to make amends with the Wind Rangers only to be brainwashed in the process. However, they were freed from their brainwashing and joined the team for good. Like Dustin, Blake enjoys entering motocross races in his downtime. Blake is shown to have a budding romance with the Blue Wind Ranger, Tori Hanson. At the end of the series, Blake graduates from both the Wind and Thunder Ninja Academies and becomes a professional motocross racer.


Navy Beetlezord

Navy Beetlezord
The Navy Beetlezord is the personal zord of the Navy Thunder Ranger. The Navy Beetlezord can grab enemies with its pincers and can combine with the Crimson Insectizord to form the lower half of the Thunder Megazord.


Navy Antler

Navy Antler
The Navy Antler is the personal weapon of the Navy Thunder Ranger. The Navy Antler can grab it opponents with its pincers and can combine with the Crimson Blaster to form the Thunder Blaster.

Thunder Staff Navy Thunder Staff With Navy Antler

Thunder Staff
The Thunder Staff is the common sidearm of the Thunder Rangers. The Thunder Staff can be transformed into different forms to be easily maneuverable in battle. Blake can combine his Navy Antler with his Thunder Staff to give the Thunder Staff even more power.

Thunder Blade

Thunder Blade
The Thunder Blade is a special weapon given to Blake by Sensei Omino that he used against Inflatron.


Navy Tsunami Cycle

Navy Tsunami Cycle
The original Tsunami Cycles were created by Cam and the plans for them were stolen and upgraded by the Thunder Rangers.

Later Appearances


Dino Thunder
Blake first comes to Reefside to compete in a motocross race. After being told the Wind Rangers were put under a spell by Lothor, he along with Hunter & Cam travel to the depth of the Abyss Of Evil in order to get their powers back in order to break the spell the Wind Rangers are under. After the Wind Rangers are freed from Lothor’s control, Blake aides the Dino Rangers with her teammates to beat Lothor & Mesogog’s combined armies.