Cameron “Cam” Watanabe, Green Samurai Ranger

Samurai Green I

Name: Cameron “Cam” Watanabe
Ranger: Green Samurai Ranger
Actor: Jason Chan
Episodes: 40
First Appearance: “Prelude To A Storm”
Last Appearance: “Thunder Storm: Part 2”
Sentai: Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger
Producer: Disney

Cam Watanabe

Character Bio

Cam is the son of the Sensei of the Wind Ninja Academy. Sensei Watanabe and the technical adviser of the team. Cam is shown to be very intelligent when it comes to creating weapons, zords, and vehicles for the Wind Rangers to use in battle. He is also shown not to think much of the Wind Rangers early on, although he comes to respect them as time passes. Cam desires to be a ranger, however, his father does not allow him because of a promise he made long ago. During an incident with a monster who stole the Ninja Rangers powers, Cam traveled back in time to retrieve his mother’s Samurai Amulet which gave him the power to transform into the Green Samurai Ranger. At the end of the series, Cam graduates from the Wind Ninja Academy and becomes a teacher there.


Samurai Star Chopper Samurai Star Megazord

Samurai Star Chopper/Samurai Star Megazord
The Samurai Star Chopper is the personal zord of the Green Samurai Ranger. The Samurai Star Chopper can fly at great speed, fire blasts of energy, and can transform into a humanoid form called the Samurai Star Megazord.


Samurai Saber

Samurai Saber
The Samurai Saber is the personal weapon of the Green Samurai Ranger.

Lightning Riff Blaster

Lightning Riff Blaster
The Lightning Riff Blaster is used by the Green Samurai Ranger to summon the Mammothzord.


Super Samurai Mode PRNS

Super Samurai Mode
Cam can transform into this form to give himself a boost of energy.


Dragonforce Vehicle

Dragonforce Vehicle
Powered by the Gem of Souls, Cam used this ship to travel to Lothor’s Spaceship so that he could rescue the kidnapped ninjas.

Later Appearances

Dino Thunder
Cam along with Blake & Hunter travel to the depth of the Abyss Of Evil in order to get their powers back in order to break the spell the Wind Rangers are under. After the Wind Rangers are freed from Lothor’s control, Cam aides the Dino Rangers with her teammates to beat Lothor & Mesogog’s combined armies.