Waldo “Dustin” Brooks, Yellow Wind Ranger

Ninja Yellow

Name: Waldo “Dustin” Brooks
Ranger: Yellow Wind Ranger
Actor: Glenn McMillan
Episodes: 40
First Appearance: “Prelude To A Storm”
Last Appearance: “Thunder Storm: Part 2”
Sentai: Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger
Producer: Disney

Dustin Brooks

Character Bio

Dustin Brooks was one of the three destined students of the Wind Ninja Academy chosen to become Wind Power Rangers. As a practitioner of the earth arts, Dustin can use earth-based attacks. In his down time, Dustin races in motocross races. He even work at the motocross store where the rangers hang out regularly. Personality wise, Dustin is shown to be naive when it comes to trusting strangers. At the end of the series, Dustin graduates from the Wind Ninja Academy and becomes a teacher there.



The Lionzord is the personal zord of the Yellow Wind Ranger. The Lionzord has the ability create powerful tornadoes and can combine with the Dolphinzord & Hawkzord to form the left arm, legs, chest, and torso of the Storm Megazord.


Lion Hammer

Lion Hammer
The Lion Hammer is the personal weapon of the Yellow Wind Ranger. The Lion Hammer can cause tremors and can combine with the other Wind Rangers personal weapons to form the Storm Striker.

Ninja Sword Yellow Ninja Laser Gun Yellow

Ninja Sword
The Ninja Sword is the common sidearm for each Wind Ranger. The Ninja Sword can be used as both a sword and a laser gun.

Ninja Sword Gold Yellow

Ninja Sword Gold
To battle Kelzak Furies, Dustin powers up his Ninja Sword to Gold Mode.


Yellow Tsunami Cycle

Yellow Tsunami Cycle
The Yellow Tsunami Cycle was created by Cam so that Dustin could get to places at a fast pace.

Yellow Ninja Glider

Yellow Ninja Gilder
The Yellow Ninja Glider is used by the Yellow Wind Ranger to travel and patrol the sky.

Later Appearances

Dustin Brooks
Dustin is turned evil by Lothor and used with Shane & Tori to battle the Dino Rangers. After being freed from Lothor’s control, Dustin aides the Dino Rangers with her teammates to beat Lothor & Mesogog’s combined armies.