Season 11 (2003) 

Space Ninjas

Played By: Grant McFarland
Lothor was originally known as Kiya Watanable who was banished from the Wind Ninja Academy after attempting to steal the Samurai Amulet from Miko. He vowed to return one day and did so with an army of Space Ninjas at his disposal. One by one, Lothor attacked every Ninja Academy on the planet and captured its students. It is revealed in the finale that Lothor originally intended to have all his monsters and generals fall at the hands of the Power Rangers so that their powers were to feed the Abyss Of Evil. Once it is filled and his army starts to pour out, he decides to challenge the Ninja Rangers himself and uses the Samurai Amulet to steal the rangers powers. However, the Wind Rangers come to the conclusion that they do not need their ranger powers to defeat Lothor and harness their inner ninja powers to trap Lothor in the deep depths of the Abyss Of Evil.

Marah & Kapri

 Marah & Kapri
Played By: Katrina Devine & Katrina Browne
The ditsy nieces of Lothor, Marah & Kapri are shown to help their uncle in any way they could even if they cause more harm than good. Later in the series, it is revealed that Marah & Kapri were pretending to be bumbling idiots and are shown to be quite intelligent shown in their creation of three zords that nearly defeated the rangers. Once it is shown that Lothor doesn’t care for them, they defect to the side of good and aide their “cousin” Cam in freeing all the Ninja Students. After Lothor is sent to the Abyss of Evil, they enroll in the Wind Ninja Academy as students.


Voiced By: Peter Rowley
Second-in-command to Lothor, Zurgane is the one responsible for recruiting aliens and sending them to attack Earth. Zurgane is shown to be quite tech savvy shown in his ability to create robots known as Zurganezords. After his Hyper Zurganezord fails to destroys the rangers, Vexacus decides that he should be Lothor’s second-in-command and decides to usurp him by destroying him.


Voiced By: Bruce Hopkins
A lieutenant in Lothor’s army, Choobo is promoted to General after succeeding in captured the Thunder Rangers and brainwashing them in becoming evil. He sends them alongside the Wind Rangers to a deserted island where he sends his monster Super Toxipod to take care of them. After he fails, Choobo is banished by Lothor and decides to destroy the Ninja Rangers himself and steals a Scroll Of Empowerment to accomplish this goal. Once grown, he is destroyed by the newly formed Thunderstorm Megazord. He is resurrected however but is shrunken down and given to Marah as a pet. He returns to normal size later in the series and resumes his role in Lothor’s Army. He is sent to the Abyss Of Evil along with the rest of Lothor’s Army.


Voiced By: Craig Parker
Originally the alter ego of the bike mechanic Perry, Motodrone is drafted into Lothor’s Army after being destroyed by the Ninja Glider Cycle. Motodrone is given the task of spying on Vexacus after he destroys Zurgane and succeeds in gaining information. However, he is destroyed by Vexacus before he can show his report to Lothor.


Voiced By: Michael Hurst
Vexacus is first introduced chasing the Karmanian Skyla through space and eventually lands on Earth where it is revealed that he is the sworn enemy of Lothor. After his plan to retrieve the Karmanian failed, Vexacus joined Lothor’s ranks and slowly takes out his army from the inside. He does this by destroying Zurgane to take his place as Lothor’s second-in-command and Motodrone before he submits a report of Vexacus’s treacherous intentions. Vexacus allies himself with Marah & Kapri to gain the Scroll of Empowerment to grow. Once fully grown, he is taken down by the Thunder Megazord.


Voiced By: Jeremy Birchall
Shimazu was originally a statue that was brought to life by residual energies that were used to bring Motodrone to life. He sends his Wolfblades to attack the Ninja Rangers and once they fail, he stays on as a general in Lothor’s Army. He teams up with Vexacus for a short time to undermine Zurgane to receive a higher rank in Lothor’s Army. To prevent himself from being destroyed by Vexacus, he teams up with Marah & Kapri and pilots one of their zords to destroy the rangers. Once this plan fails, he is destroyed by Marah & Kapri.


The Kelzaks serve as footsoldiers in Lothor’s Army.


Kelzaks Furies
Created from basic Kelzaks, Beevil transformed them into more powerful s0ldiers known as Kelzaks Furies.