Season 11 (2003) 

Played by: Grant McFarland
The evil general who was once Kiya Watanabe and the twin brother of Sensei Watanabe

Marah & Kapri
Played by: Katrina Devine & Katrina Browne 
Lothor’s nieces; Marah is ditzy and childish while Kapri is selfish and obnoxious, these two continually hold a sibling rivalry against the Rangers.

Played by: Peter Rowley 
Zurgane is the main general of Lothor’s army, he  is extremely serious and dedicated to taking over Earth, more so than Lothor himself.

Played by: Bruce Hopkins 
Choobo is the lieutenant of Lothor’s army, later  promoted general. He can summon energy spheres which can trap victims.

Played by: Michael Hurst 
Vexacus is a renegade bounty hunter and came to Earth in search of a powerful alien.

Played by: Jeremy Buchall 
Shimazu is the incarnation of a Japanese legend created by Motodrone. Shimazu tried to destroy the Rangers with creatures known as Wolfblades, but failed.

Played by: Craig Parker 
Once fused with a friend of the Rangers named Perry, Motodrone was rebuilt and reprogrammed under Lothor’s command.

Lothor’s foot soldiers, they use daggers to fight their enemies and are extremely hyperactive.

“Down and Dirty”
Kapri’s own personal Zord

“Down and Dirty”
Marah’s own personal Zord

“Down and Dirty”
Shimazu’s own personal Zord

“Storm Before the Calm, Part 2″
Lothor’s own personal Zord