Season 12

Hayley Ziktor
Played by: Ismay Johnston
Hayley is the manager of the Cyberspace Cafe; She designed the Dino Morphers as well as a large chunk of the Ranger arsenal. She is the technical advisor of the team and even went to MIT where she met Tommy Oliver.

Cassidy Cornell & Devin Del Valle
Played by: Katrina Devine & Tom Hern 
Cassidy is the local school newspaper reporter and a bit of a self-centered brat. Her partner in crime is Devin who basically serves as her dense lacky and cameraman; he has a slight crush on her.

Anton Mercer
Played by: Latham Gaines
Anton Mercer was Tommy’s partner in many experiments until Mesagog destroyed their lab. In Reefside, he is the adoptive-father of Trent but also has a dark alter ego. After an experiment went wrong and thus created Mesagog. Anton works desperately to cure what he has done until Mesagog finds a way to separate himself.

Edward Cormier
Played by: Stephen Hall
Mr. Cormier gave Cassidy a job she couldn’t handle as a reporter so she would stop pestering him.

Ninja Storm Rangers
Lothor returns from the Abyss of Evil and uses a spell to turn the Wind Rangers evil and against the Dino Rangers!
But when the Thunder Rangers and Cam show up they help break the spell and join forces with the Dino Rangers.

Marah & Kapri
Played by:  Katrina Devine & Katrina Browne
When Lothor returns this duo pretend to be in cahoots with him until his plan fails and they release the Ninja Storm Rangers.

Sensei Watanabe
Played by: Grant McFarland
After being freed from Lothor’s capture by Kapri and Marah, Sensei assists in saving Cam, Blake and Hunter from the Abyss of Evil.