XII. Allies


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Hayley Ziktor

Hayley Ziktor
Played By: Ismay Johnson
Hayley owns and runs Hayley’s Cyberspace, an internet cafe that the Dino Rangers regularly frequent. She is also the one responsible for creating all the weapons the Dino Rangers use to battle Mesogog’s Mutations.

Anton Mercer

Anton Mercer
Played By: Latham Gaines
Anton was a former colleague of Tommy’s who aided him in several dinosaur-related experiments. One in particular he tested on himself which inevitably turned him into Mesogog. Anton is also the adopted father of Trent Fernandez who adopts him after his parent were killed during an expedition. When Tommy is unable to demorph, he takes over Tommy’s teaching roles for a short time.

Reefside Residents

Cassidy Cornell Devin Del Valle

Cassidy Cornell & Devin Del Valle
Played By: Katrina Devine & Tom Hern
Cassidy & Devin work as reporters at Reefside High who eventually get intern jobs at the local news station. After a meeting with Mr.Cormier, they spend a short time trying to uncover the identity of the White Ranger.

Mr. Cormier

Played By: Stephen Hall
Mr.Cormier runs the local news station and assigns Cassidy & Devin the task of uncovering the identity of the Power Rangers.

Kylee Styles

Kylee Styles
Played By: Morgan Reese Fairhead
Kylee Styles is an old childhood friend of Kira’s who became a famous pop star.


Played By: Lori Dungey
Mrs.Porter works at Reefside High as a teacher who took the Dino Rangers on a trip to a museum that held Tutenhawken.


Played By: Antonia Prebble
Krista is an activist who goes to Reefside High School that tries to prevent an old tree from being chopped down. She is also Conner McKnight’s date to the Senior Prom.

Wind Ninja Academy

Ninja Rangers Civilians Ninja Rangers

Ninja Storm Rangers
Played By: Pua Magasiva, Sally Martin, Glenn McMillan.
Adam Tuominen, Jorgito Vargas Jr, & Jason Chan
The Ninja Storm Rangers travel to Reefside to aide the Dino Rangers in defeating Lothor. The Wind Rangers are turned evil temporarily but are turned good again after receiving purified Power Discs.

Sensei Watanabe DT

Sensei Kanoi Watanabe
Played By: Grant McFarland
Sensei Watanabe was captured by Lothor so that he is able to trick the Ninja Rangers into accepting evil morphers. After being rescued by Marah & Kapri, he aids Cam, Blake, & Hunter in gaining the Samurai Amulet from The Abyss Of Evil.

Marah & Kapri

Marah & Kapri
Played By: Katrina Browne & Katrina Devine
Marah & Kapri pretended to defect to Lothor’s side to rescue Sensei Watanabe and the captured Wind Ninja Academy Students.


Japanese Dino Rangers Civilian Japanese Dino Rangers

Japanese Dino Rangers
Voiced By: Jamie Liehan, Jorgito Vargas Jr, & Morgan Reese Fairhead
These versions of the Dino Rangers are apart of a show in Japan based on the Dino Rangers.