The Dino Gems
The source of the Dino Thunder Rangers’ power, whomever holds each Dino Gem transfers Power into their DNA.

 The Dino Morphers
Created by former Power Ranger, Tommy Oliver; the Dino Morphers harness the power of the
Dino Gems and allow Connor, Ethan and Kira to morph into Power Rangers.
Their Morphing Call is “Dino Thunder, Power Up!”
They can communicate as well as call forth the Dino Zords.

Brachio Morpher
Morpher used by Tommy to become the Black Dino Thunder Ranger,
he inserts the key and shouts “Dino Thunder, Power Up!”

 Drago Morpher
Morpher used by Trent to become the White Dino Thunder Ranger,
he uses the morphing call “White Ranger, Dino Power!” 

Weapon wielded by Connor, the Red Dino Thunder Ranger

Weapon wielded by Ethan, the Blue Dino Thunder Ranger

Weapon wielded by Kira, the Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger

Weapon wielded by Tommy, the Black Dino Thunder Ranger
It has four modes; Wind Strike, Earth Strike, Wave Strike, and Fire Strike.

Weapon wielded by Trent, the White Dino Thunder Ranger
Has the power to explode on impact and fire laser arrows.

Z-Rex Blaster
A cannon created when the three core Rangers weapons come together;
can be customized with Drago-Spear or Brachio-Staff.

ThunderMax Saber
Standard weapon of the Dino Thunder Rangers, which also has blaster mode.

Hatched from three eggs in Dr. Oliver’s care, they became Riders when the Rangers needed them.

Raptor Cycles
New improved cycles with enhanced speed and laser beams.

Dino ATVs
Motorized vehicles used by the White and Black Dino Thunder Rangers each equipped with powerful artillery.

Hovercraft Cycle
Created by Hayley when Ethan needed an airborne vehicle to defeat a monster.

Triceramax Command Center Truck
A mobile command center the Dino Thunder Rangers use.

Super Dino Mode
The Rangers utilize their Dino Gems and become ferocious growing spikes, wings for the Yellow Ranger and increased strength.

The Shield of Triumph
When infused with the power of the Blue, Yellow, Black, and White Dino Gems the shield becomes active.
This allows Connor to morph into the Triassic Ranger.

The Triassic Ranger
Connor took in the powers of the Blue and Yellow Ranger that enabled him to morph into the Triassic Ranger.

The Triassic Battlizer 
Having found new confidence, Connor’s own power unlocked the Battlizer.