XII. Locations


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Dr.Oliver's House Dino Cave

Dino Cave
Housed under Dr.Oliver’s house, the Dino Cave serves as the base of operations for the Dino Rangers. The Dino Cave was severely damaged by Zeltrax while kidnapping a purified Elsa.

Hayley's Cyberspace Hayley's Cyberspace Interior

Hayley’s Cyberspace
Hayley’s Cyberspace is an internet cafe owned by Hayley and is regularly frequented by the Dino Rangers.

Reefside High School Reefside High School Interior

Reefside High School
Reefside High School is the school attended by the Dino Rangers.

Mercer Mansion Mercer Mansion Interior

Mercer Mansion
Mercer Mansion is the home of Trent & Anton Mercer.

Dinosaur Exhibition Dinosaur Exhibition Interior

Dinosaur Exhibition
Owned by Mercer Industries, this museum is home to many prehistoric artifacts.

Channel 6 Channel 6 Interior

Channel 6
Channel 6 is a local television station located in Reefside that Devin and Kira had internships at.

Villain Locations

Mesogog's Island Fortress Mesogog's Island Fortress Interior

Mesogog’s Island Fortress
The Island Fortress is the base of operation for Mesogog and his forces.

Lothor's Cave Lothor's Cave Interior

Lothor’s Cave
This cave is used as Lothor’s base of operations after he escaped the Abyss Of Evil.

Abyss Of Evil Abyss Of Evil Depths

Abyss Of Evil
The Abyss Of Evil is the resting place for all the Evil Space Ninja the Ninja Storm Rangers defeated. Lothor and a small army of his Evil Space Ninjas escaped the Abyss Of Evil a year after it was sealed by the Wind Rangers.