Season 12

“Wave Goodbye”
Info: First of Mesagog’s mutations
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord

“Back in Black”
Info: Sent to Protect the Island Fortress
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord’s Cephala Power Punch

“Diva in Distress”
Info: Sent to steal the youth to convert into energy
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord

“Game On”
Info: Zaps Ethan into a Video Game
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord

“Golden Boy”
Info: Uses his powers to transport the Megazord to somewhere in the arctic
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord

“Golden Boy”
Info: Created accidentally from Zeltrax’s dna
Defeat: Braccio Staff

“Beneath the Surface”
Info: Sent after the Dimetrazord
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord w/ Dimetro Saw Blade

“Ocean Alert”
Info: Infects Conner and Ethan with his flower blasts, causing an allergic reaction
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord w/ Stega Surfboard

“White Thunder, Part 1″
Info: Sent to stop the White Ranger
Defeat: White Drago Sword

Angor #1
“White Thunder, Part 2″
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord and the Parasaur Final Cut

Angor #1.5
“White Thunder, Part 3″
Info: New & Improved
Defeat: Dino Stego Zord

“Leader of the Whack”
Info: Changed by personality altering meteor
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord’s Ankylo Double Drill & the Dino Stegazord

“Burning at Both Ends”
Info: Used to make the Rangers think his ray turned Trent good again
Defeat: Dino Stegazord w/ Cephala Power Punch and Dimetro Saw Blade

“The Missing Bone”
Info: Created by Tommy Oliver and Anton Mercer
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord

“Bully for Ethan”
Info: Battles the Blue and Yellow Rangers on school grounds
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord’s Ankylo Double Drill

“Lost and Found in Translation”
Info: A mutant creature from the Japanese show based on the adventures of the Power Rangers
Defeat: With Whacker Wilson’s Help

Mad Mackeral
“It’s a Mad Mad Mackerel”
Info: Uses his fishing lures to capture citizens and lure in the Power Rangers
Defeat:  Thundersaurus Megazord w/ Ankylo Drill and Parasaur Final Cut

“Copy That”
Info: Copyotter copies the White Ranger’s Drago Sword, so Zeltrax can frame him
Defeat: White Ranger in Super Dino Mode

White Terrorsaurus
“Triassic Triumph”
Info: Powerful and able to kidnap the Dinozords
Defeat: Triassic Ranger

Terra Assault Craft
“A Star is Torn”
Info: Zeltrax sends out to lure out the Rangers’ secret weapon
Defeat: Mezadon Rover

“A Ranger Exclusive”
Info:  Sent into the TV station as a virus in order to hijack their satellite in an attempt to blow up Jupiter
Defeat: Mezodon Megazord

“Tutenhawken’s Curse”
Info: Curses Ethan
Defeat: Mezodon Rover

“Disappearing Act”
Info: Elsa uses ooze to make Thornox mature into a full grown monster
Defeat: Mezodon Megazord

White Terrorsaurus #2
“Fighting Spirit”
Info: Elsa uses a crystal that has the same energy as the Dino Gems to feed to him
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord and Super Dino Mode

“The Passion of Conner”, “Strange Relations”
Info:  Zeltrax turns the Tree of Life into Deadwood
Defeat:  Dino Stegazord’s Ankylo Drill and Parasaur Final Cut

 Horn Rimmed Monster
“Isn’t it Lava-ly?”
Info: Causes an inactive volcano in Reefside to be active again
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord w/ Stega Surfboard

Jade Gladiator
“Strange Relations”
Info: Mesagog  uses an experimental plant to transform into the Jade Gladiator
Defeat: Valkasaurus Megazord

“Strange Relations”
Info: One of Jade Gladiator’s creations
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord w/ Stega Surfboard

“In Your Dreams”
Info: Tommy dreams he fights as the Black Ranger against Squidrose; under Elsa’s dream manipulation
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord

Croco D’vile
“In Your Dreams”
Info: Falls in love with Kira
Defeat:  Z-Rex Blaster

Rumba Monkey
“In Your Dreams”
Info: Ethan dreams up
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord w/ Ankylo Double Drill

Rude Elf
“In Your Dreams”
Info: Connor dreams up
Defeat: Triceramax Megazord

“Drawn Into Danger”
 Info: Drawn inside  a comic book world
Info: Triassic Ranger Battlizer

Ruby Dragon
“House of Cards”
Info: Part of game called Dragon War, and the most powerful card
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord, Mezodon Megazord, & Dino Stegazord

Ugly Monster
“A Test of Trust”
Info: Is able to defeat even the Triassic Ranger
Defeat: Dino Stegazord