Season 12

“Wave Goodbye”
Info: First of Mesagog’s mutations
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord

“Back in Black”
Info: Sent to Protect the Island Fortress
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord’s Cephala Power Punch

“Diva in Distress”
Info: Sent to steal the youth to convert into energy
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord

“Game On”
Info: Zaps Ethan into a Video Game
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord

“Golden Boy”
Info: Uses his powers to transport the Megazord to somewhere in the arctic
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord

“Golden Boy”
Info: Created accidentally from Zeltrax’s dna
Defeat: Braccio Staff

“Beneath the Surface”
Info: Sent after the Dimetrazord
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord w/ Dimetro Saw Blade

“Ocean Alert”
Info: Infects Conner and Ethan with his flower blasts, causing an allergic reaction
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord w/ Stega Surfboard

“White Thunder, Part 1″
Info: Sent to stop the White Ranger
Defeat: White Drago Sword

Angor #1
“White Thunder, Part 2″
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord and the Parasaur Final Cut

Angor #1.5
“White Thunder, Part 3″
Info: New & Improved
Defeat: Dino Stego Zord

“Leader of the Whack”
Info: Changed by personality altering meteor
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord’s Ankylo Double Drill & the Dino Stegazord

“Burning at Both Ends”
Info: Used to make the Rangers think his ray turned Trent good again
Defeat: Dino Stegazord w/ Cephala Power Punch and Dimetro Saw Blade

“The Missing Bone”
Info: Created by Tommy Oliver and Anton Mercer
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord

“Bully for Ethan”
Info: Battles the Blue and Yellow Rangers on school grounds
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord’s Ankylo Double Drill

“Lost and Found in Translation”
Info: A mutant creature from the Japanese show based on the adventures of the Power Rangers
Defeat: With Whacker Wilson’s Help

Mad Mackeral
“It’s a Mad Mad Mackerel”
Info: Uses his fishing lures to capture citizens and lure in the Power Rangers
Defeat:  Thundersaurus Megazord w/ Ankylo Drill and Parasaur Final Cut

“Copy That”
Info: Copyotter copies the White Ranger’s Drago Sword, so Zeltrax can frame him
Defeat: White Ranger in Super Dino Mode

White Terrorsaurus
“Triassic Triumph”
Info: Powerful and able to kidnap the Dinozords
Defeat: Triassic Ranger

Terra Assault Craft
“A Star is Torn”
Info: Zeltrax sends out to lure out the Rangers’ secret weapon
Defeat: Mezadon Rover

“A Ranger Exclusive”
Info:  Sent into the TV station as a virus in order to hijack their satellite in an attempt to blow up Jupiter
Defeat: Mezodon Megazord

“Tutenhawken’s Curse”
Info: Curses Ethan
Defeat: Mezodon Rover

“Disappearing Act”
Info: Elsa uses ooze to make Thornox mature into a full grown monster
Defeat: Mezodon Megazord

White Terrorsaurus #2
“Fighting Spirit”
Info: Elsa uses a crystal that has the same energy as the Dino Gems to feed to him
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord and Super Dino Mode

“The Passion of Conner”, “Strange Relations”
Info:  Zeltrax turns the Tree of Life into Deadwood
Defeat:  Dino Stegazord’s Ankylo Drill and Parasaur Final Cut

 Horn Rimmed Monster
“Isn’t it Lava-ly?”
Info: Causes an inactive volcano in Reefside to be active again
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord w/ Stega Surfboard

Jade Gladiator
“Strange Relations”
Info: Mesagog  uses an experimental plant to transform into the Jade Gladiator
Defeat: Valkasaurus Megazord

“Strange Relations”
Info: One of Jade Gladiator’s creations
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord w/ Stega Surfboard

“In Your Dreams”
Info: Tommy dreams he fights as the Black Ranger against Squidrose; under Elsa’s dream manipulation
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord

Croco D’vile
“In Your Dreams”
Info: Falls in love with Kira
Defeat:  Z-Rex Blaster

Rumba Monkey
“In Your Dreams”
Info: Ethan dreams up
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord w/ Ankylo Double Drill

Rude Elf
“In Your Dreams”
Info: Connor dreams up
Defeat: Triceramax Megazord

“Drawn Into Danger”
 Info: Drawn inside  a comic book world
Info: Triassic Ranger Battlizer

Ruby Dragon
“House of Cards”
Info: Part of game called Dragon War, and the most powerful card
Defeat: Thundersaurus Megazord, Mezodon Megazord, & Dino Stegazord

Ugly Monster
“A Test of Trust”
Info: Is able to defeat even the Triassic Ranger
Defeat: Dino Stegazord

Replicant Zord
Mesogog creates the Replicant Zord, which is an evil version of the Thundersaurus Megazord

After being destroyed by the Black Ranger, Zeltrax plots his revenge, and creates the Zelzord