Ethan James, Blue Dino Ranger

Name: Ethan James
Ranger: Blue Dino Ranger
Actor: Kevin Duhaney
Episodes: 40
First Appearance: “Day Of The Dino: Part 1
Last Appearance: “Wormhole
SentaiBakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

Ethan is a student a Reefside High and is chosen by the Blue Dino Gem to become the Blue Dino Ranger. When harnessing the powers of the Blue Dino Gem, Ethan’s skin is able to grow strong like that of a Triceratops.Ethan is shown to be the tech wiz, always seen with a laptop or technological device on hand. Personality wise, Ethan displays traits that fit the mold for a stereotypical nerd. As the series progresses, Ethan is shown to have similar interests with Cassidy Cornell and dates her for a short period of time.

Dino Gem

Blue Dino Gem

Blue Dino Gem
The Blue Dino Gem is the source of Ethan’s power. It also gives him super strong skin.



The Tricerazord is a triceratops-like zord that is piloted by the Blue Dino Ranger.


Tricera Shield

Tricera Shield
The Tricera Shield is the personal weapon of the Blue Dino Ranger. The Tricera Shield is shown to have the ability to blast bursts of energy and can combine with the other Dino Rangers weapons to form the Z-Rex Blaster.

Thundermax Laser Blue Blue Thundermax Saber

Thundermax Saber
The Thundermax Saber is the standard sidearm of each Dino Ranger. The Thundermax Saber can be used a both a melee weapon and a blaster.

Genetic Power

Tricera Skin

Tricera Skin
Ethan can grow super strong skin when harnessing the power of the Blue Dino Gem.


Super Dino Mode Blue

Super Dino Mode
Ethan can tap into Super Dino Mode whenever he pushes his Blue Dino Gem’s power to its maximum.


Blue Raptor Rider

Blue Raptor Rider
Ethan rides his Raptor Rider whenever he needs to get somewhere in a pinch.

Blue Raptor Cycle

Blue Raptor Cycle
When his Raptor Rider isn’t strong enough, Ethan rides his Raptor Cycle to get to fights at super speed.

Hovercraft Cycle

Hovercraft Cycle
Designed by Hayley to give Ethan a faster ride, it was redesigned to fly due to a monster-of-the-week needing to be defeated in the sky.

Later Appearances


Ethan is sent to the year 2025 with his teammates after Broodwing tries to turn them into his own Evil Ranger team. They later aide the SPD Rangers in defeating a large army of Krybots sent by Emperor Gruumm. Before returning to present day, it is revealed that Ethan develops technology that SPD uses as of 2025. Ethan is seen again when Gruumm travels to the year 2004 and aides the SPD Rangers in defeating an army lead by Zeltrax.