Kira Ford, Yellow Dino Ranger


Name: Kira Ford
Ranger: Yellow Dino Ranger
Actor: Emma Lahana
Episodes: 41
First Appearance: “Day Of The Dino: Part 1
Last Appearance: “Once A Ranger: Part 2”
SentaiBakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

Kira is a student a Reefside High and is chosen by the Yellow Dino Gem to become the Yellow Dino Ranger. When harnessing the powers of the Yellow Dino Gem, Kira is able to emit a supersonic scream. Kira is shown to be a talented musician, playing with her band constantly at the rangers hangout spot Haley’s Cyberspace. When Trent Mercer comes to town, she is shown to have a small crush on him.

Dino Gem

Yellow Dino Gem

Yellow Dino Gem
The Yellow Dino Gem is the source of Kira’s power. It also gives her a supersonic scream.



The Pterazord is the personal zord of the Yellow Dino Ranger. The Pterazord can fly at super speed and can combine with the Tricerazord and Tyrannozord to form the chest of the Thundersaurus Megazord.


Ptera Grips

Ptera Grips
The Ptera Grips are the personal weapons of the Yellow Dino Ranger. The Ptera Grips are used in battle like daggers and can combine with the other Dino Rangers weapons to form the Z-Rex Blaster.

Thundermax Laser Yellow Thundermax Saber Yellow

Thundermax Saber
The Thundermax Saber is the standard sidearm of each Dino Ranger. The Thundermax Saber can be used a both a melee weapon and a blaster.

Genetic Power

Ptera Scream

Ptera Scream
Kira can emit a supersonic scream from her mouth when harnessing the power of the Yellow Dino Gem.


Super Dino Mode Yellow

Super Dino Mode
Kira can tap into Super Dino Mode whenever she pushes her Yellow Dino Gem’s power to its maximum.


Yellow Raptor Rider

Yellow Raptor Rider
Kira rides her Raptor Rider whenever she needs to get somewhere in a pinch.

Yellow Raptor Cycle

Yellow Raptor Cycle
When her Raptor Rider isn’t strong enough, Kira rides her Raptor Cycle to get to fights at super speed.