Tommy Oliver, Black Dino Ranger


Name: Tommy Oliver
Ranger: Black Dino Ranger
Actor: Jason David Frank
Episodes: 235
First Appearance: “Green With Evil: Part 1″
Last Appearance: “Legendary Battle”
Sentai:Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
Producer: Disney

Tommy DT

Character Bio

After Tommy retired from being a ranger, he went to college where he gained a degree in Paleontology. After graduating college, he worked with Anton Mercer to create the Tyrannodrones, Invisiportal, Bio Zords, and Raptor Riders. Eventually, he found the Dino Gems for which he kept in a secret lab under his house. Years later, Tommy enrolled as a teacher at Reefside High School as a science teacher and eventually became a mentor to the current Power Ranger team the Dino Rangers. Not to long after that, Tommy is kidnapped by Mesogog’s force to release the Black Dino Gem and succeeds but uses it for his own uses to transform into the Black Dino Ranger. When harnessing the powers of the Black Dino Gem, Tommy is able to turn invisible.

Dino Gem

Black Dino Gem

Black Dino Gem
The Black Dino Gem is the source of Tommy’s power. It also gives him the power of invisibility.



The Brachiozord is the personal zord of the Black Dino Ranger.The Brachiozord houses all the Dino Rangers Dinozords inside him.


Brachio Staff

Brachio Staff
The Brachio Staff is the personal weapon of the Black Dino Ranger. With it, Tommy can summon a slew of attacks including energy orbs, fire, tornado, and water attacks.

Genetic Power


Tommy has the ability to become invisible when harnessing the power of the Black Dino Gem.


Super Dino Mode Black

Super Dino Mode
Tommy can tap into Super Dino Mode whenever he pushes his Black Dino Gem’s power to its maximum.

Other Forms

Green Ranger DT White Ranger DT Red Zeo Ranger DT

Former Ranger Powers
Voiced By: Jason David Frank
After Tommy fall into a comatose state, Tommy fights embodiment’s of his former Power Rangers roles in order to stay alive.


Black Raptor Rider

Black Raptor Rider
Tommy rides his Raptor Rider whenever he needs to get somewhere in a pinch.

Black Dino ATV

Black Dino ATV
The Black Dino ATV is Tommy’s primary form of transportation.

Later Appearances

Tommy aides the SPD Rangers in defeating an army lead by Zeltrax when Gruumm travels to the year 2004.