XII. Villains


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Mesogog's Island Fortress Mesogog's Island Fortress Interior

Mesogog’s Army

Mesogog Mesomonster

Played By: Latham Gaines
Mesogog is a lizard/dinosaur hybrid created by Anton Mercer after he drank an unknown concoction. From then on, Mesogog would become the alter ego of Anton Mercer that would desire the complete extinction of the human race and the revival of the dinosaur race. To accomplish this task, he needed the Dino Gems, which eventually became the power source of the Dino Rangers. Mesogog would eventually separate himself from Anton Mercer in order to enact his final plan of transforming the human race into dinosaurs with a laser powered by the Dino Gems. He would fail at this task however when the Dino Rangers blow up his Island Fortress. He would survive the destruction of his base however and used the energies he absorbed from the Dino Gems to mutate into a more dinosaur-like being. Only when the Dino Rangers used the ultimate powers of the Dino Gems were they able to destroy Mesogog.

Zeltrax Super Zeltrax

Voiced By: James Gaylyn
Zeltrax was once known as Terrance Smith, a former colleague of Tommy Oliver who was severely injured during an experiment. He was found by Mesogog and transformed into Zeltrax to serve as a general in his army. Zeltrax is shown to have a fierce rivalry with Tommy Oliver due to him losing out on a job at Mercer Industries which caused him to work at the company where his accident occurred. Zeltrax was presumed to be destroyed for a short time after Tommy caused his Aerial Assault Craft to blow up with him in it. His first goal back was to use the Tree of Life and use its energy to receive an unstoppable form. He succeeds in this, however, he is severely injured by Conner’s Triassic Battlizer. He later comes back in the finale to kidnap a purified Elsa and uses her as a shield while his Zelzord attacks Reefside. He is destroyed by a combined attack from the Yellow Dino Ranger & Black Dino Ranger.

Elsa Short Hair Elsa Long Hair Principal Randall Purified Elsa

Played By: Miriama Smith
Elsa is a cyborg woman that is used by Mesogog to gain intel on the Dino Rangers as Principal Randall, the principal of Reefside High School. Elsa is also shown to be a fierce fighter and a competent monster maker. After Zeltrax is presumably destroyed, Elsa assumes the role of second-in-command of Mesogog’s Army. Tommy Oliver discovers that Principal Randall is really Elsa, Mesogog deems her useless and Elsa is transformed into a regular human woman.

 Evil White Ranger Clone Super Dino Mode

Evil White Ranger Clone
Voiced By: Adam Gardiner
After Trent defects to the side of good, Zeltrax uses a weapon from Copyotter to create the Evil White Ranger Clone, a soulless warrior with no trace of Trent Mercer in him. The Evil White Ranger Clone is shown to be in complete control of the Dino Stegazord and usually accompanies Mesogog’s Mutations to battles. He is also shown to have the ability to create a monster from his DNA known as White Terrorsaurus. After a short while, the Evil White Ranger Clone learns that two beings cannot share the same Dino Gem power and challenges Trent Mercer to a fight to the death. He loses this fight however and is destroyed himself.


The Tyrannodrones were dinosaur/reptile hybrid creatures that were created by Anton Mercer & Tommy Oliver. When Anton Mercer creates Mesogog, he takes these creatures for himself and uses them as his foot soldiers.


The Triptoids are black & white creatures that are from the video game, Wizard Wood. When they are accidentally brought into the real world by Demagnetron, Zeltrax captures them and are given to Mesogog to use as secondary foot soldiers.

Space Ninjas


Played By: Grant McFarland
Lothor, through unknown means, is able to escape the Abyss Of Evil after being trapped there for a year. After escaping the Abyss Of Evil, he disguises himself as Sensei Watanabe in order to trick the Wind Rangers into activating morpher that will turn them evil. When Mesogog hears word of his evil Power Rangers, he offers to align their two forces together in order to take over the world. However, when his plans fail, Lothor is betrayed by Mesogog and is shrunken and trapped inside a jar.


Voiced By: Peter Rowley
Zurgane is given the task of guarding the Samurai Amulet in the depths of the Abyss Of Evil. When the Wind Rangers were freed from Lothor’s control, he co-leads the combined armies of Lothor & Mesogog but is destroyed by the combined efforts of the Black Dino Ranger and the Thunder Rangers.

Izzy Pupperazzi

Izzy & Pupperazzi
Voiced By: James Coleman
Izzy & Pupperazzi are two silent warriors that Lothor brought with him from The Abyss Of Evil after escaping. They aid Lothor in recapturing the students of the Wind Ninja Academy and accompany the Evil Wind Rangers when they take on the Dino Rangers. They were both destroyed by the combined efforts of the Red Wind Ranger & Red Dino Ranger.


The Kelzaks are black ninja-like creatures that Lothor uses as foot soldiers.