Season 13

Supreme Commander Fowler Birdie
Played by: Paul Norell
Fowler Birdie was the Supreme Commander of S.P.D. and of Galaxy Command operations throughout the entire galaxy.

Sergeant Silverback
Played by: John Tui
Sergeant Silverback is a gorilla who whipped the B-Squad Rangers into shape in order to receive the SWAT Powers and work together as a team. He also provided the Rangers with the SWAT Command Truck.

Played by: Kelson Henderson
Boom is a former cadet who flunked out of the Academy after only a few days and currently serves as Kat’s assistant and Chief Gadget Tester. He dreams of being a Power Ranger, and had a fantasy of being the orange Ranger.

Played by: Barnie Duncan
Piggy is an occasional alien double agent, giving information to both the S.P.D. Rangers and Emperor Gruumm.  He also owns a cafe that caters to the underworld of universal criminals.

Ally Samuels
Played by: Beth Allen
Ally Samuels is the daughter of the owner of Samuels Clothing, a store that helps the less fortunate in Newtech City.

Officer Tate
Officer Tate helped create the Delta Morphers and Kat Manx and due to this his DNA was altered. As a result, his son Sky was born with the ability to create force fields. He was once called to an intense battle, and saved dozens of people, but he ultimately lost his life to a criminal named Mirloc.

Isinia Cruger
Played by: Tandi Wright
Isinia is the wife of Anubis Cruger. During Omni’s invasion of Sirius, Isinia was captured by General Benaag and Doggie couldn’t stop him because he was knocked unconscious. He was lead to believe that Isinia had died and he was racked with guilt.

Dino Thunder Rangers
The Dino Rangers travel to the year 2025 to unite with the SPD Rangers to save the future!