XIII. Allies



Space Patrol Delta

Boom SPD Orange Ranger

Played By: Kelson Henderson
Boom serves as gadget tester and personal assistant to Katherine Manx.


(Robotic Interactive Canine)
RIC is a robotic canine that is used by the SPD Rangers to finish of space criminals as well as the primary components for Jack’s Battlizer.

Supreme Commander Fowler Birdie

Supreme Commander Fowler Birdie
Played By: Paul Norell
Birdie serves as the Supreme Commander of SPD and took over the Earth Branch of SPD for a short time after he thought that Commander Cruger was not an efficient Commander.

Sergeant Silverback

Sergeant Silverback
Played By: John Tui
Sergeant Silverback was given the task of training the B-Squad Rangers so that they are able to handle SWAT Mode.

RIC Bulldog

RIC (Bulldog)
(Robotic Interactive Canine)
Sergeant Silverback has his own version of RIC that keeps him company while he trained the B-Squad.


Doctor Felix
Played By: Owen Black
Doctor Felix works in the infirmary of SPD’s Earth Branch.


Played By: Natacha Hutchison
SOPHIE is an android who originally joined SPD to become a D-Squad Cadet. After it is revealed that she is a cyborg, SOPHIE plugs herself into the SPD mainframe so that she can make the Delta Base Defense System work beyond phase one. After Goradon is defeated, SOPHIE is offered a job as a programmer at the Theta Quadrant Branch of SPD.

Isinia Cruger

Isinia Cruger
Played By: Tandi Wright
Isinia Cruger is the thought-to-be dead wife of Anubis Crueger.

Nova Nova Ranger

Voiced By: Antonia Prebble
Nova came from the year 2040 to bring Sam back to their timeline and to join the final battle against the Troobian Empire.

Newtech City Residents


Played By: Barnie Duncan
Piggy was originally a poor alien who gave information to anyone to would pay for it. Later in the series, he wins the lottery and opens up a cafe on wheels that numerous space criminals regularly frequented. After going through a change of heart about the way he lives his life, Piggy decides to go into business with Ally & Jack by being partners with them giving out clothing to the homeless.


Doctor Rheas
Played By: Marjan Shahrinia
Dr.Rheas is a scientist who worked with Sinuku until he was arrested for inventing and selling explosives.

Boom's Mom & Dad

Phil Boom & Louise Boom
Played By: Michael Saccente & Lori Dungey
Phil & Louise came to see their son Boom while under the impression that he was the A-Squad Commander. They eventually do find out about Boom’s real position in SPD and tell their son that they are still proud of him regardless of what position Boom holds.

Ally Samuels

Ally Samuels
Played By: Beth Allen
Ally gives out clothing to the homeless and persuades Jack to leave SPD to join her in giving out clothing to the homeless.

Ranger Allies

Dino Ranger Civilians Dino Rangers

Dino Rangers
Played By: James Napier, Kevin Duhaney, Emma Lahana, & Jeffrey Parazzo
The Dino Rangers assist the SPD Rangers in a large Krybot attack when they travel to the year 2025 and assist the SPD Rangers in battle when Zeltax teams up with Gruumm in their time.