Delta Morphers
Device used by the B-Squad Rangers to transform into SPD Rangers by calling out “SPD, Emergency!” It has 5 Modes:
Morph: Used to Change into Rangers
Power Up: Used to uprade to S.W.A.T. Mode
Communicator: Used as a phone to communicate with other Rangers or base.
Judgement Scanner: Used to determine the guilt of enemies.
Containment Mode:  When the enemy is found guilty they are blasted and are sealed in a card.

Patrol Morpher
Morpher used by Commander Cruger to transform into the Shadow Ranger.

Omega Morpher
Morpher used by the Omega Ranger to transform, it has 8 Attack Modes:
Electro, Blast, Power, Muscle, Hyper, Light Beam, Charged Up & Judgment Scanner. 

Kat  Morpher
A disposable SPD morpher used once by Kat to become the Kat Ranger.
It’s powers only lasted for 60 Minutes.

Nova Morpher
Futuristic device used by the Nova Ranger to transform and attack.
It’s abilities are very similar to the Omega Morpher.

Delta Max Strikers
Common weapon at the side of the SPD Rangers, modes include baton and blaster.

SPD Blaster
A Ranger’s standard blaster.

Containment Cuffs
Used to arrest the offending enemy and take him into custody.

 Containment Card
When the Judgement reads Guitly, and after a finishing attack, the enemy is placed in a containment card.

Delta Blasters
Twin side blasters equipped to the Red Ranger to deliver fire intense lasers.

Delta Blasters combined.

Shadow Sabre
The Shadow Sabre is the main weapon of the Doggie Cruger, the Shadow Ranger.

R.I.C. 2.0 (Robotic Interactive Canine)
A robotic dog and pet of the SPD Rangers, he has many useful powers
such as transforming into Cannon form.

Canine Cannon
R.I.C. transforms into cannon mode and releases a fiery finisher on enemies.

S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics) Mode
Created by Kat when the Rangers successfully worked together, this mode has night and heat vision
& includes vests, leg armor, sensors, and communication headsets.

Delta Enforcers
The Delta Enforcer is the standard weapon of the SPD Rangers when they’re in S.W.A.T. Mode.

delta-cruiserDelta Cruiser
A SPD standard issue vehicle used by the Pink and Yellow Rangers

swat-truckS.W.A.T. Truck
Given to the Rangers by Sergeant Silverback after the Rangers completed their S.W.A.T. training

Red and Green Delta Patrol Vehicles

Blue Delta Patrol Vehicle
Developed by Kat, these vehicles are sleek and powerful armed with lasers.

Delta ATV
Vehicle used by the Shadow Ranger equipped with powerful lasers.

Uniforce Cycle
Cycle used by the Omega Ranger to patrol areas near the Delta Base.

SPD Battlizer
After completeing the Battlizer technology, Kat gave this Battlizer morpher to Jack, the Red SPD Ranger.
It was also used once by Sky, the Blue SPD Ranger.

SPD Battlizer Cyber Mode
This mode offers leg and shoulder armor as well as an upgraded baton.

SPD Battlizer Sonic Mode
In Sonic mode R.I.C. joins with the Red Ranger and creates his armor and sword.
It also enables the Red Ranger to fly.