XIII. Locations


SPD Logo

Delta Base

Delta Base Delta Base Interior

Delta Base
The Delta Base serves as a school for SPD cadets and the base of operations for the SPD Rangers. The Delta Base has a defense mode while being attacked and the ability to transform into a megazord known as the Delta Command Megazord.

Desk Kat's Lab

Kat’s Lab
This lab is the place where Kat & Boom develop weapons for the SPD Ranger to use to fight crime.

Recreational Room Table

Recreational Room
The cadets at SPD use this room to relax and unwind during their down time.

Boys Living Quarters Girls Living Quarters

Living Quarters
Each SPD Cadet has their own living quarters in the Delta Base.

Newtech City

Piggy's Cafe Piggy's Cafe Interior

Piggy’s Cafe
After winning the lottery, Piggy opened up a mobile cafe that various monster types regularly frequented.

Terror Spacecraft

Terror Spacecraft Terror Spacecraft Interior

Terror Spacecraft
The Terror Spacecraft is the base of operations of the Troobian Empire.

Mora Playroom Entrance Mora's Playroom

Mora/Morgana’s Playroom
Mora/Morgana has her own room on the Terror Spacecraft complete with a ton of toys for her to play with.



Merlandia is a planet destroyed by the Troobian Empire prior to setting their sights on Earth.

KO-35 Prison KO-35 Prison Interior

KO-35 Prison
Located on an asteroid orbiting KO-35, this prison houses many intergalactic prisoners including Sinuku.

Sirius City Sirius Ground

Sirius is the home planet of Commander Cruger that was destroyed by the Troobian Empire many years ago.

Valko Planet Valko Planet Ground

Valko’s Planet
This unnamed planet is the home of Valko.

Planet Zentor Zentor Ground

The planet Zentor is the home of Sergant Silverback and is used as a training camp for the B-Squad to train to use SWAT Mode.

Gamma Orion Gamma Orion Ground

Gamma Orion
Gamma Orion is the planet used the B-Squad found the A-Squad.