Anubis “Doggie” Cruger, Shadow Ranger

Name: Anubis Cruger
Ranger: Shadow Ranger
Actor: John Tui
Episodes: 38
First Appearance: “Beginnings: Part 1”
Last Appearance: “Endings: Part 2”
Sentai:Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Producer: Disney

Doggie Cruger

Character Bio

Commander Cruger is the head of the SPD of Earth and the was the leader of the original SPD of his home planet Sirius. Anubis is first shown to lead his team verbally rather than on the battlefield that is until his old rival General Benaag comes to Earth and it is there he reveal to the rangers why he does not fight. However, this all changes when Benaag captures Kat Manx and uses the morpher Kat made him and morphs into the Shadow Ranger. Anubis is shown to have a grumpy side when the rangers are not taking their job seriously however, he is also shown to care very much for his ranger team by giving them time off once in a while. At the end of the series, Anibus reunites with his thought to be dead wife Isinia and continues to run SPD.


Delta Command Crawler Delta Command Megazord

Delta Command Megazord
The Delta Base can transform into this mode when under attack by oncoming invaders. The Delta Command Crawler has strong blasting power and can transform into a humanoid form known as the Delta Command Megazord.


Shadow Saber

Shadow Saber
The Shadow Saber is the personal weapon of the Shadow Ranger.


Delta ATV

Delta ATV
The Delta ATV is driven by the Shadow Ranger whenever he needs to fight in a rough terrain.