Bridge Carson, Green SPD Ranger

SPD Green

Name: Bridge Carson
Ranger: Green SPD Ranger
Actor: Matt Austin
Episodes: 40
First Appearance: “Beginnings: Part 1”
Last Appearance: “Once A Ranger: Part 2”
Sentai:Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

At the beginning of the series, Bridge alongside his teammates Sky & Syd are promoted to B-Squad Ranger status after years of training. He is given Green Ranger status. Bridge is shown to be a bit scatterbrained however, his scatterbrain personality helps the team solve missions a few times during the series. Like the rest of the B-Squad, Bridge inherited a genetic power from his parents which give him the ability of psychometry. At the end of the series, Bridge is promoted to Blue Ranger status after Sky is promoted to Red Ranger status.


Delta Runner 3

Delta Runner 3
Delta Runner 3 is the truck-like primary zord of the Green SPD Ranger. Delta Runner 3 can shoot out Crime Scene Tape and can combine with the other Delta Runners and forms the right leg of the Delta Squad Megazord.


SWAT Flyer 3
When Bridge is in SWAT Mode, he can summon SWAT Flyer 3 into battle. SWAT Flyer 3 has the ability to combine with the other SWAT Flyers and forms the lower legs of the SWAT Megazord.


Green Delta Baton Delta Max Striker Green

Delta Baton/Delta Max Striker
The Delta Baton is the primary weapon of the Green SPD Ranger. Bridge can combine his Delta Baton and Delta Grip to create this blaster-like weapon.

Green Delta Enforcer

Delta Enforcer
When Bridge powers up to SWAT Mode, he uses the Delta Enforcer in battle.

Genetic Power


Bridge has the ability to sense life energy and determine if their aura is light or dark.


SWAT Mode Green

After training with Sergeant Silverback, Bridge gained this form to utilize when battling overpowered criminals.

Bridge Blue Uniform Blue SPD Ranger

Blue SPD Ranger
Bridge is promoted to Blue Ranger status after Sky is promoted to Red Ranger.


Green Patrol Cycle

Green Patrol Cycle
The Green Patrol Cycle is the Green SPD Rangers primary form of transportation.

Later Appearances

Operation Overdrive
Bridge is recruited by Sentinel Knight to join a team of Veteran Rangers to replace the Overdrive Rangers temporarily after Thrax disconnects them from the Morphin’ Grid. It is revealed by Bridge that he became the Red SPD Ranger after Sky is promoted to head of SPD’s Earth Branch.