Elizabeth “Z” Delgado, Yellow SPD Ranger

SPD Yellow

Name: Elizabeth “Z” Delgado
Ranger: Yellow SPD Ranger
Actor: Monica May
Episodes: 38
First Appearance: “Beginnings: Part 1”
Last Appearance: “Endings: Part 2”
Sentai:Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

At the beginning of the series, Z and her friend Jack were stealing clothing and food and giving them to the homeless. They were eventually caught by SPD and were both offered roles on B-Squad. Z accepted and was given Yellow Ranger status. Z is shown to be a caring and sympathetic person toward her friends and also a quick learner shown when Z knew an SPD regulation that Sky did not even know. Like the rest of the B-Squad, Z inherited a genetic power from her parents which gives her the ability to duplicate herself. At the end of the series, Z stays at SPD after defeating Gruumm and visits her best friend Jack regularly.


Delta Runner 4

Delta Runner 4
Delta Runner 4  is the armored truck-like primary zord of the Yellow SPD Ranger. Delta Runner 4 has floodlight that can blind its opponents and can combine with the other Delta Runners and forms the right arm of the Delta Squad Megazord.

SWAT Flyer 4

SWAT Flyer 4
When Z is in SWAT Mode, she can summon SWAT Flyer 4 into battle. SWAT Flyer 4 has the ability to combine with the other SWAT Flyers and forms the right foot of the SWAT Megazord.


Yellow Delta Baton Delta Max Striker Yellow

Delta Baton/Delta Max Striker
The Delta Baton is the primary weapon of the Yellow SPD Ranger. Z can combine her Delta Baton and Delta Grip to create this blaster-like weapon.

Yellow Delta Enforcer

Delta Enforcer
When Z powers up to SWAT Mode, she uses the Delta Enforcer in battle.

Genetic Power


Z has the ability to duplicate herself.


SWAT Mode Yellow

After training with Sergeant Silverback, Z gained this form to utilize when battling overpowered criminals.