Sam, Omega Ranger

Omega Ranger

Name: Sam
Ranger: Omega Ranger
Actor: Brett Stewart
First Appearance: “Sam: Part 1″
Last Appearance: “Endings: Part 2″
Sentai: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

Originally a kid Z helped save from Mora’s influence, Sam of the year 2040 traveled to the year 2025 to help the SPD there from an overpowered threat. Due to him traveling through a time portal, Sam’s corporeal form was turn into light energy and must stay that way until he returns to his present time. At the end of the series, his friend from the future Nova comes to aid the SPD of 2025 as well as bring Sam back to his time.


Omegamax Cycle Omegamax Megazord

Omegamax Cycle
The Omegamax Cycle is the motorcycle-like zord of the Omega Ranger. The Omegamax Cycle can travel at extreme speed and can transform into a humanoid form known as the Omegamax Megazord. The Omegamax Cycle can also combine with the Delta Squad Megazord to form the Deltamax Megazord.


Omega Morpher

Omega Morpher
The Omega Morpher is the primary weapon of the Omega Ranger. With it the Omega Ranger can perform a plethora of attacks including energy blasts, time manipulation, and power punches.


Uniforce Cycle

Uniforce Cycle
The Uniforce Cycle is the Omega Ranger’s primary form of transportation.