Schuyler “Sky” Tate, Blue SPD Ranger

SPD Blue

Name: Schuyler Tate
Ranger: Blue SPD Ranger
Actor: Chris Violette
Episodes: 38
First Appearance: “Beginnings: Part 1”
Last Appearance: “Endings: Part 2”
Sentai:Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

At the beginning of the series, Sky alongside his teammates Bridge & Syd are promoted to B-Squad Ranger status after years of training. At first, he was under the impression that he was going to be the Red Ranger like his father but due to his cockiness, he is assigned Blue Ranger status. Sky is shown to be straight-laced and by the books but does loosen up a little as the series progresses. Like the rest of the B-Squad, Sky inherited a genetic power from his parents which gives him the ability to activate a shield in front of him. At the end of the series, Sky is given Red Ranger status after Jack leaves SPD.


Delta Runner 2

Delta Runner 2
Delta Runner 2 is a gyrocopter-like zord that is piloted by the Blue SPD Ranger.

SWAT Flyer 2

SWAT Flyer 2
SWAT Flyer 2 is an aerial assault zord that is piloted by the Blue SPD Ranger.


Delta Max Striker Blue

Delta Max Striker
A combination of the Delta Grip and Delta Baton, this weapon is Sky’s primary weapon in battle.

Blue Delta Enforcer

Delta Enforcer
When Sky powers up to SWAT Mode, he uses the Delta Enforcer in battle.

Genetic Power


Force Field
Sky has the ability to summon a force field in front of him.


SWAT Mode Blue

After training with Sergeant Silverback, Sky gained this form to utilize when battling overpowered criminals.

Sky Red Uniform Sky As Red SPD Ranger

Red SPD Ranger
Sky is given the Red Delta Morpher to morph into the Red SPD Ranger so that he can take in Mirloc. He is later promoted to Red Ranger after Jack leaves SPD.

Other Forms


Sky temporarily switched bodies with the alien Wootox when he is taken in for questioning.


SPD Patrol Cycle

Patrol Cycle
The Patrol Cycle is the Blue Rangers primary form of transportation both morphed and unmorphed.