Sydney “Syd” Drew, Pink SPD Ranger

SPD Pink

Name: Sydney “Syd” Drew
Ranger: Pink SPD Ranger
Actor: Alycia Purrott
Episodes: 38
First Appearance: “Beginnings: Part 1”
Last Appearance: “Endings: Part 2”
Sentai:Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

At the beginning of the series, Syd alongside her teammates Sky & Bridge are promoted to B-Squad Ranger status after years of training. She is given Pink Ranger status. Syd is shown to be a vapid and shallow rich girl however, as the series progress she loses those personality traits a bit. Like the rest of the B-Squad, Syd inherited a genetic power from her parents which gives her the ability of molecular alteration. At the end of the series, continues her role at SPD as Pink Ranger.


Delta Runner 5

Delta Runner 5
Delta Runner 5 is the buggy-like primary zord of the Pink SPD Ranger. Delta Runner 5 has the ability to form judgments on criminals and can combine with the other Delta Runners and forms the left arm of the Delta Squad Megazord.


SWAT Flyer 5
When Syd is in SWAT Mode, she can summon SWAT Flyer 5 into battle. SWAT Flyer 5 has the ability to combine with the other SWAT Flyers and forms the left foot of the SWAT Megazord.


Pink Delta Baton Delta Max Striker Pink

Delta Baton/Delta Max Striker
The Delta Baton is the primary weapon of the Pink SPD Ranger. Syd can combine her Delta Baton and Delta Grip to create this blaster-like weapon.

Pink Delta Enforcer

Delta Enforcer
When Syd powers up to SWAT Mode, she uses the Delta Enforcer in battle.

Genetic Power

Molecular Alteration

Molecular Alteration
Syd has the ability to transform her molecular structure into anything she touches.


SWAT Mode Pink

After training with Sergeant Silverback, Syd gained this form to utilize when battling overpowered criminals.