Season 13 (2005)

Emperor Gruumm
Played by: Rene Naufahu
Grumm is a being who serves as leader of the Troobians, an alien empire whose ultimate goal is to conquer other worlds. Gruumm is relentless and nothing will stand in his way to conquer the universe. He previously destroyed the planet Sirius (home world of Anubis Cruger), and in 2025 he launched an assault on Earth.

Played by: Olivia James-Baird
A 10-year-old girl who is pure evil and is a gifted pictomancer, being able to create real monsters from her drawings. Mora enjoyed playing with dolls. She has multiple contacts in the criminal underworld such as General Valko and Shorty. She was very spoiled and got on Gruumm’s nerves.

Played by: Josephine Davison
Mora’s adult form, Gruumm found Morgana and turned her into Mora until she continued to fail him. She is known for both her beauty and strength, but for some reason she still wishes to return to being Mora to recapture her childhood.

Played by: Jim Mclarty
A three-eyed vampire bat-like alien who is encased in an artificial environment, as demonstrated by the jar on his head.
He served as the weapons dealer for the Troobians.

Played by: Geoff Dolan
It was originally a giant brain housed in a tank in a room on Gruumm’s spacecraft. It has a single eye on a tentacle-like appendage. After collecting resources from several planets, it’s servant, Emperor Gruumm completed Omni’s Magnificence, a colossal bio-mechanical body for himself that Gruumm created with the stolen resources. Omni possesses psychic powers and is able to both talk to and harm Gruumm from a distance, as well as brainwash people into serving him, such as Mora.

Robotic foot-soldiers that serve the Troobian Empire

Bluehead Krybots
Smarter and more powerful personal guards to the Emperor.

Orangehead Krybots
The Orangehead Krybot is the rarest and most powerful Krybot. It has a powerful sword and attacks, the most powerful of which is the Triforce Shockwave.

A-Squad SPD Rangers
Played by: Gina Varela, Nick Kemplen, D.J. Sena, Corin Nemic (Greg Cooper II, voice), Motoko Nagino
Gone missing in the first half of the series; the A-Squad were already corrupt; Bridge sensed “something off” with their aura in the first episode, but didn’t have the chance to find out what. The A-Squad Rangers are the first original team of SPD Rangers, and are the first truly corrupt team of Rangers (instead of being brainwashed into evil, such as the Thunder Rangers, or being created as evil, such as the Psycho Rangers).