XIII. Villains



Terror Spacecraft Terror Spacecraft Interior

Troobian Empire

Omni The Magnificence

Voiced By: Geoff Dolan
Omni spends most of the series in a chamber on the Terror Spacecraft while his servant Emperor Gruumm leads his forces as the figurehead leader of the Troobian Empire. He orders Gruumm to steal certain resources from the Earth so that he may use those resources to construct a body for himself. Once his body is completed, he attack Newtech City and takes on the SWAT Megazord. The SWAT Megazord is only able to destroy Omni when Doggie opens up a door that lets the rangers blast him from the inside.

Emperor Gruumm Gruumm Human Disguise

Emperor Gruumm
Played By: Rene Naufahu
Emperor Gruumm serves as the figurehead leader of the Troobian Empire which succeeds in the takeover and destruction of many planets and sets his sights on Earth as his next planet of conquest. There he plans on stealing resources so that he may construct a body for his master, Omni. He is shown to have a fierce rivalry with Anubis Cruger due to him cutting of a piece of his horn during his conquest of the Planet Sirius. He is thought to be presumed dead during Omni’s battle with the SWAT Megazord but survives the battle and challenges Anubis to one final duel. He loses this duel and is confined.

Broodwing Broodwing Attack Mode

Voiced By: Jim McLarty
Broodwing sells robots and footsoldiers to anyone who can pay for them. His primary customer was Emperor Gruumm up until he he refuses to pay for his services. There he goes rogue and decides to take over the planet Earth himself by allying with various space criminals and using their strengths to accomplish his goals. During the explosive battle between the A-Squad and B-Squad, Broodwing succeeds in breaking into the Delta Base and planned on using the Delta Command Megazord to destroy Newtech City. His plan fails however and is taken in by the B-Squad.

Mora Brainwashed Mora

Played by: Olivia James-Baird
Mora serves the Troobian Empire by using her ability to draw monsters and bring them to life. After she is given an ultimatum by Gruumm to come up with a plan to capture Earth fails, she is turned back into her true form Morgana for a short time. She is turned back but is brainwashed into a emotionless being by Omni after she goes into his private chamber. Mora is sent to prevent Cruger from reaching Isinia by drawing multiple monster and sending them to attack him. She is confined by Cruger after she runs out of paper.

Morgana Morgana Battle Suit

Played By: Josephine Davidson
Mora’s true form, Morgana main goal after turning back into her true form is to undermine SPD so that she may return to her younger self. On the field of battle, Morgana is shown to be a capable fighter and dons a purple uniform while battling the rangers. After stealing a resource that are needed to complete Omni’s body, Morgana is turned back into Mora.

A-Squad Civilian A-Squad Ranger Form

Played by: Gina VarelaNick Kemplen, D.J. SenaCorin Nemic (Greg Cooper II, voice)Motoko Nagino
A-Squad aligned themselves with Emperor Gruumm due to their desire to be on the winning team. They challenge the B-Squad to a duel and lose which causes them to fight the B-Squad in their Megazord. When their Megazord is destroyed, they are all taken in by B-Squad.


The Krybots serve as footsoldiers to the Troobian Empire and other various space criminals.

Bluehead Krybot

Bluehead Krybot
Voiced By: Derek Judge
Stronger than normal Krybots, the Bluehead Krybots are summoned by space criminals to either lead the Krybots into battle or to pilot a giant robot.

Oranghead Krybot

Orangehead Krybot
Voiced By: James Gaylyn
The strongest of the Krybots, the Orangehead Krybots are dispatched when extra muscle is needed.



Voiced By: James Gaylyn
Zeltrax is recruited by Emperor Gruumm to lead his forces when he travels to the year 2004.


The Tyrannodrones are recruited alongside Zeltrax by Emperor Gruumm to aide Emperor Gruumm”s forces when he attacks Reefside in the year 2004.