Overdrive Tracker
Morpher used to transform into the Overdrive Rangers with the call of  “Overdrive Accelerate!”
Several codes are inputed into the Tracker to call Zords and Weapons.

Control Drivers
Control panel suitcase used for the control of the DriveMax Zords

Mercury Morpher
Device used by Tyzonn to transform into the Mercury Ranger.

Drive Lance
The main weapon of Mack, the Red Overdrive Ranger.
It can be used as a  grappling weapon, sword or deliver the “Revline Time” strike attack!

Drive Slammer
The main weapon of Will, the Black Overdrive Ranger.
It can be flung at enemies or quake the earth in a finisher attack.

Drive Vortex
The main weapon of Dax, the Blue Overdrive Ranger.
It creates a whirlwhind in the Blue Ranger’s fist.

Drive Claws
The main weapon of Ronny, the Yellow Overdrive Ranger
Is used for striking enemies, to dig or a slashing finisher!

Drive Geyser
Fires powerful liquid lasers or delivers a finisher!

Drive Detectors
The main weapon of Tyzonn, the Mercury Ranger.
This weapon has 3 modes: Lance, Blaster and Metal Detector.
Can also shoot a charged metal energy blast.

Drive Defender
Each Overdrive Ranger is equipped with this weapon in Blaster Mode which can fire powerful lasers.
It may also transform into a Sword Mode.

 Double O Zip Shooter
Each Overdrive Ranger is equipped with this weapon.
It is able to fire either a zipline, parachute, flare signal, or wire to tie up enemies.

Defender Vest
Built by Andrew Hartford in order to assist a Ranger to absorb the blast from the Drill Blaster.
It is powered by a scale from DragonHeart (Mystic Force). Any Ranger may call its Power.
The vest can be worn by any of the Overdrive Rangers; it was also worn by Adam, the Black MMPR Ranger. Adam returns in “Once A Ranger”

Drill Blaster (Mode 1)
In Cement Mode the Drill Blaster is able to create a cement freezing them in place.
Drill Blaster (Mode 2)
In Drill Mode the blaster fires a drill into the monster to destroy it.

Hovertek Cycle
Created by Andrew Hartford Industries specifically for the Black Overdrive Ranger.
The cycle has two modes Cycle and Hover Modes. Each equipped with powerful lasers.

(Special Hydro Aero Recon Craft)
Another creation of Hartford Industries, is the primary mode of transportation for the Overdrive Rangers.
It can tra vel at great speeds over Land, Sea & Sky.

Overdrive Vehicles
Civilian vehicles used by the Overdrive Rangers.

Transtek Armor
This armor is a powerful machine that is able to be piloted by all Rangers.
It has two modes, Vehicle Mode which destroys enemies with its claws and lasers.
In Battle Mode, it can fire immense massive laser cannon blasts.

Red Sentinel Ranger
Mack, the Red Overdrive Ranger’s battlized form when combined with the Sentinel Knight.
Originally designed for non-humans by Rose, until it is revealed that Mack is an Android he is able to use the Battlizer.