Season 15
*Some monsters are inspired by previous Zords or Sentai Mecha, see “Inspired” for info. 

Flurious’ Monsters

Atlantis Temple
“The Underwater World”
Info: A temple belonging to the lost city of Atlantis
Defeat: DriveMax Megazord

Flurious’ Robot 
“Behind the Scenes”
Info: Stolen and utilized by the Fearcats
Defeat: Flashpoint Megazord

Moltor’s Monsters

Giant Sea Creature
“Kick Into Overdrive, Part II”
Inspired: Designed after the original Ultrazord from “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”
Defeat:  DriveMax Megazord

Weather Machine Monster
“Weather or Not”
Info: Went rogue and began to turn the entire area into a frozen wasteland
Inspired: Replicant Megazord from “Power Rangers Dino Thunder”
Defeat: DriveMax Megazord Drill Formation

“At All Cost”
Info: Was a Lava Lizard that proved itself to be strongest among the others
Inspired: Galaxy Megazord from “Power Rangers Lost Galaxy”
Defeat: Drill Blaster

Moltor’s Robot
“Follow The Ranger”
Info: Possesses immense strength, this robot could also fire Gatling gun blasts
Inspired: Centaurus Megazord from “Power Rangers Lost Galaxy”
Defeat:  Super Drivemax Megazord

“Follow The Ranger”
Info: Wields a boomerang
Inspired: Stratoforce Megazord from “Power Rangers Lost Galaxy”
Defeat: Super Drivemax Megazord

“Lights, Camera, Dax”
Info:  Summoned by Moltor to hunt down Kamdor and Miratrix
Inspired: Dragonzord in Battle Mode from “MightyMorphin’ Power Rangers
Defeat: Buried in cave explosion

“Face to Face I”
Info: A Mercurian Ranger, Tyzonn turned into a monster by Moltor
Inspired: Time Force Megazord (Mode Red) from “Power  Rangers Time Force”
Defeat: Restored to normal by Corona Jewels

“Face to Face I”
Info: Was summoned by Moltor to aid Tyzonn in retrieving the Parchment from the Rangers
Inspired: Defender Torozord from “Power Rangers Lost Galaxy”
Defeat: DriveMax Ultrazord

“Face to Face II”
Info: Capable of shooting lasers from their mouths
Inspired: Dragozord from “Power Rangers Dino Thunder”
Defeat:  Drivemax Ultrazord & Battlefleet Ship

“Out of Luck”
Info: Able to breathe fire and bring down red lightning from the skies
Inspired:  Lord Zedd’s Serpentera
Defeat: Super DriveMax Megazord

Cybernetic Rex
“Ronny on Empty I”
Info:  Can bite, shot lasers from its cannons, and launched swarms of Lavadactyls
Inspired:  Q-Rex from “Power Rangers Time Force”
Defeat: Battlefleet Megazord

“Nothing to Lose”
Info: Can turn his tentacles into replicates of the Rangers’ weapons
Inspired: Mezodon Megazord from “Power Rangers Dino Thunder”
Defeat: Sentinel Knight & Flashpoint Megazord Crane Formation  

Kamdor’s Monsters

“Heart of Blue”
Info: Reveals Mira to be Miratrix
Inspired: Storm Megazord from “Power Rangers Ninja Storm”
Defeat: DriveMax Megazord Saber

“Pirate In Pink”
Info: Was sent alongside Miratrix to obtain the Eye of the Sea
Inspired:  Thunder Megazord from “Power Rangers Ninja Storm”
Defeat: Drivemax Megazord Shovel Formation 

Big Mouth Monster
“Both Sides Now”
Info: Created from a blue purse on a picnic blanket
Inspired: Artillatron from “Power Rangers Turbo”
Defeat: DriveMax Megazord Drill & Crane Formation

Camera Monster
“Lights, Camera, Dax”
Info: Created by Kamdor from a movie camera
Inspired: Minizord from “Power Rangers Ninja Storm”
Defeat: Dax in Transtek Armor

Amplifier Monster
“Lights, Camera, Dax”
Info: Was created by Kamdor from a large speaker
Inspired: Q-Rex Megazord from “Power Rangers Time Force”
Defeat: Dax in Transtek Armor

Hat Monster
“It’s Hammer Time”
Info: Kamdor created this monster from a silk hat
Inspired: Astro Megazord from “Power Rangers in Space”
Defeat: Flashpoint Megazord combo with Drill Driver & Shovel Driver

Sextant Monster
“Once A Ranger, Part I”
Info: Assisted Kamdor and Miratrix in a museum robbery
Inspired: Max Magma from the Super Sentai series “Fiveman”
Defeat: Drive Detector

“Things Not Said”
Info: Created a computer virus that infected the BattleFleet Zords, Ranger computers & Mack
Inspired: Zeo Ultrazord from “Power Rangers Zeo”
Defeat: Battle Fleet Megazord

Garbage Monster
“Things Not Said”
Info: Monster with body of multiple items such as a fan, an air conditioner, and other garbage , Fought Dax
Inspire: Max Solarzord from “Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue”
Defeat: Red Sentinel Ranger Power Punch

Golem Monster
“Things Not Said”
Info: Fought Will after being created
Inspired: Auric the Conqueror of “Power Rangers Zeo”
Defeat: Red Sentinel Ranger Shock Wave

Statue Monster
“Things Not Said”
Info: Fought Ronny after being created
Inspired: Battle Fever Robo from the Super Sentai series “Battle Fever J”
Defeat: Red Sentinel Ranger

“Things Not Said”
Info: Wielded two large swords and fought Rose
Inspired: Ninja Megafalconzord from “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers
Defeat: Red Sentinel Ranger Sword Slash

Prince Monster
“Things Not Said”
Info: Fought Tyzonn after being created
Inspired: Dino Stegozord from “Power Rangers Dino Thunder”
Defeat: Red Sentinel Ranger Tornado Finisher 

Fearcat Monsters

Jet Robot
“It’s Hammer Time”
Info: Piloted by Mig and Benglo
Inspired: DynaRobo from the Super Sentai series “Dynaman”
Defeat: Drivemax Ultrazord

Commando Robot
“One Gets Away”
Info: Piloted by Mig and Benglo
Inspired: Super FiveRobo from the Super Sentai series “Fiveman”
Defeat: DriveMax Megazord w/Rescue Runners 1 and 2 & Flashpoint Megazord w/ Dozer & Sub Drivers

Centurion Robot
“One Fine Day”
Info: Powered with the Centurion torch
Inspired: Sun Vulcan Robo from the Super Sentai series “Sun Vulcan”
Defeat: Drivemax Ultrazord

“Home and Away I”
Info: created by mixing the Minerva’s Staff, The Root of Hesper, and The Sands of Sila, inside the Octavian Chalice
Inspired: Galaxy Robo & Great Five from “Maskman”
Defeat: DriveMax Megazord

Thrax’s Monsters

“Once a Ranger, Part One”
Info:  Created by Thrax & supposedly invincible
Inspired: Manticore Megazord from “Power Rangers Mystic Force.”
Defeat: Excelsior

Gyro Vulturus 
“Once a Ranger, Part Two”
Info: Upgraded Vulturus with Gyro
Inspired: Titan Megazord from “Power Rangers Mystic Force”
Defeat: Mercury
Ranger’s Drive Detector