Tyzonn, Mercury Ranger


Name: Tyzonn
Ranger: Mercury Ranger
Actor: Dwayne Cameron
Episodes: 21
First Appearance“Face To Face: Part 1”
Last Appearance: “Crown And Punishment
Sentai: GoGo Sentai Boukenger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

Tyzonn is a Mercurian who travels to Earth in search of the Fearcats. However, he is ambushed by Moltor and is turned into a dragon-like creature. He eventually is turned back into himself again thanks to the Overdrive Rangers and returns to his mission. When the Rangers cross paths with the Fearcats, they also cross paths with Tyzonn and asks him to join them. At first he is hesitant but eventually he agrees and becomes the Mercury Ranger. Tyzonn is shown to be interested in Earth culture when he asks Rose a few question on how she spends her day. When all the Jewels of the Corona Aurora are found, Tyzonn is reunited with his fiancee Vella and they return to Mercuria.


Rescue Runners

Rescue Runners
The Rescue Runners are the personal zords of the Mercury Ranger. The Rescue Runners can combine to form the Flashpoint Megazord.


Drive Detector Blaster Mode Drive Detector

Drive Detector
The Drive Detector is the personal weapon of the Mercury Ranger. The Drive Detector can transform into a blaster-like weapon.

Other Forms


Tyzonn was transformed into this lizard form by Moltor so that he may use him to retrieve the Toru Diamond.